AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-11Add optional gtk3 configuration filesQue Quotion
2018-09-25Remove ubuntu-bamf-bzr from optdependsQue Quotion
2018-06-05Slightly more efficent session scriptQue Quotion
2018-06-04There's some AUR helper out there that SUCKS, so this package doesn't get to ...Que Quotion
2018-06-04Some AUR helpers may panic about incomplete .SRCINFOQue Quotion
2018-04-25remove cruft patchQue Quotion
2018-04-25New optdepends: pantheon-qq-default-settings-gitQue Quotion
2018-01-09remove polkit-gnome (cautiously); add an xdg startup for numlockx; recommend ...Que Quotion
2018-01-09Depend on pantheon-session-git, remove pantheon-session workaroundsQue Quotion
2017-12-26Little fixes; bzr->gitQue Quotion