AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-07-20Update SRCINFOBaptiste Careil
2020-07-20Fixed build load failure due to localized floating pointBaptiste Careil
2020-06-20Added missing dependencies on fontsBaptiste Careil
2020-06-20Added logo and desktop entryBaptiste Careil
2020-03-14Changed installation path to /opt/ from /usr/share/Baptiste Careil
2020-01-03Patched pobfrontend to store builds in user directoryBaptiste Careil
2019-12-16Updated SRCINFOBaptiste Careil
2019-12-16Added compilation of lzip as an attempt to support self-updateBaptiste Careil
2019-12-01Initial versionBaptiste Careil