AgeCommit messageAuthor
11 daysAdd .SRCINFOIliya Ivanov
11 daysUpdate to PHP 7.3.4 & allow multicore compilationIliya Ivanov
2019-03-26Bump PHP version and fixesIliya Ivanov
2018-12-10remove ackager keyIliya Ivanov
2018-12-06Ignore Eclipse specific files/foldersIliya Ivanov
2018-12-06UPDATE .SRCINFO for 7.3.0Iliya Ivanov
2018-12-06rebuild patches and add PGP key of the packagerIliya Ivanov
2018-12-06Add package GPG key in valid keysIliya Ivanov
2018-12-06Update to php 7.3.0Iliya Ivanov
2018-12-06Remove flags for cores to be used on compile. General settigs should be usedIliya Ivanov