AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysbump to 0.3.15-4: add pulseaudio to provides arraytinywrkb
2020-11-12bump to 0.3.15-3: sync with extra/pipewire, add chrome fixtinywrkb
2020-11-05bump to 0.3.15-2: sync with extra/pipewiretinywrkb
2020-11-04bump to 0.3.15-1tinywrkb
2020-10-30bump to 0.3.14: remove pulse module from the basic packagetinywrkb
2020-10-30bump to 0.3.14-1tinywrkb
2020-10-06bump to 0.3.13-2tinywrkb
2020-10-03bump to 0.3.13-1tinywrkb
2020-09-19bump to 0.3.12-2: enable ffmpegtinywrkb
2020-09-19bump to 0.3.12-1tinywrkb