AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-11-14updated the package release for python-3.8kachelaqa
2019-10-23updated to version 0.22kachelaqa
2018-08-06updated the package release for python-3.7kachelaqa
2018-05-29updated the package release for pacman-5.1kachelaqa
2018-01-29updated to version 0.21kachelaqa
2017-01-06updated to version 0.20.1kachelaqa
2016-03-22updated to version 0.20kachelaqa
2016-02-01updated the package release for pacman-5.0kachelaqa
2015-10-02updated to version 0.19.1kachelaqa
2015-08-10updated to version 0.19kachelaqa