AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-08-11Convert to explicit DBusGMainLoopEric Anderson
2018-03-19Follow redirects when downloadingEric Anderson
2018-03-01Fix client handling of service removalEric Anderson
2018-03-01Add service dep on avahi-daemonEric Anderson
2018-01-16Add missing except case for file not foundEric Anderson
2017-12-28Bump to 0.5.0 for daemon-based cacheEric Anderson
2017-12-28Remove unnecessary server codeEric Anderson
2017-12-28Update style of source to better match PEP 8Eric Anderson
2017-12-28Bump to 0.4.6 for canonical cache locationEric Anderson
2017-12-27Bump to 0.4.5 for fixed repo index detectionEric Anderson