AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-12Upgrade to v2.2.11.Nate Ijams
2021-03-25Fix integrity failure after project rename.Nate Ijams
2020-12-05Upgrade to v2.2.6.Nate Ijams
2020-12-05Update my email address.Nate Ijams
2020-06-01Upgrade to version 2.2.4.Nate Ijams
2020-06-01Upgraded to version 2.2.3.Nate Ijams
2020-04-30Add README.Nate Ijams
2020-04-29Add automated builds on Ijams
2020-04-29Update upstream URL and add sha256sums.exprez135
2020-02-10Upgraded to version 2.2.2.exprez135