AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-12-05Update PKGBUILD (provided by sng) and remove man page filewillemw12
2018-11-17Update pyradio.1 checksumwillemw12
2018-11-17Remove aksr's copyright and Arch Linux comments (again)willemw12
2018-11-16Add sng as contributorwillemw12
2018-11-16Update man pagewillemw12
2018-06-01Update pyradio.1 checksumwillemw12
2018-06-01Remove aksr's copyright and Arch Linux comments (on request of aksr)willemw12
2018-05-31Add man page updated by AUR user sng (new mpv and socat optdepends)willemw12
2018-05-29Add mpv and socat to optdependswillemw12
2017-01-07Python 3.6willemw12