AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-05-05update to v9.0Sameer Puri
2021-03-03update .SRCINFOSameer Puri
2021-03-03update to or-tools v8.2Sameer Puri
2020-12-11update to v8.1Sameer Puri
2020-10-11update to v8.0 and add build cplex support if installedSameer Puri
2020-08-05add git makedependSameer Puri
2020-08-04update to v7.8Sameer Puri
2020-06-13update to v7.7, add python-pip to makedependsSameer Puri
2020-04-24Update to v7.6, add python-wheel to makedependsSameer Puri
2020-01-28Update maintainerSameer Puri