AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-27New upstream release - v1.6.8Juliette Monsel
2020-02-19New upstream release - v1.6.7Juliette Monsel
2020-01-23New upstream release - v1.6.6Juliette Monsel
2020-01-09New upstream release - v1.6.5Juliette Monsel
2019-12-06New upstream release v1.5.2Juliette Monsel
2019-12-02Move python2 version to separate PKGBUILDJuliette Monsel
2019-11-07New upstream release: v1.4.5Juliette Monsel
2019-11-07Patch to remove sphinx from setup_requiresJuliette Monsel
2019-11-07Add patchJuliette Monsel
2019-09-25New upstream release: v1.4.4Juliette Monsel