AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-24Updated to version 1.5.3Alex Cabal
2020-06-24Updated to version 1.5.2Alex Cabal
2020-06-19Updated to version 1.5.1Alex Cabal
2020-05-22Updated to version 1.5.0Alex Cabal
2020-04-28Updated to version 1.4.0Alex Cabal
2020-03-23Updated to version 1.3.0Alex Cabal
2020-03-18Updated to version 1.2.4Alex Cabal
2020-02-27Updated to version 1.2.3Alex Cabal
2020-02-26Updated to version 1.2.2Alex Cabal
2020-02-17Updated to version 1.2.1Alex Cabal