AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-04-01import from communityAntonio Rojas
2016-11-20Rebump version, as the tag was moved due to a late bug fixAdam Reichold
2016-11-20Bump version after upstream release.Adam Reichold
2016-11-02Also bump package release version after introducing ALPM hooks.Adam Reichold
2016-11-02Update package to remove post-install script as its tasks are performed by fi...Adam Reichold
2015-11-24Track dependency on texlive-bin if linked against system SyncTeX parser.Adam Reichold
2015-11-17Add armv7h to architecture list.Adam Reichold
2015-11-14Update after upstream release.Adam Reichold
2015-08-11Improve source validationAdam Reichold
2015-06-10Initial importAdam Reichold