AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-11Move to new upstream patch for 5.12.1 bcm_host breakageDonald Carr
2019-02-11Move ltcg to all configurationsDonald Carr
2019-02-10See if new 8.2.0 toolchain resolves dynamic Qt issues on the rpi 2Donald Carr
2019-02-10Move back to 5.12.1Donald Carr
2019-02-10Facilitate building both Qt 5.12.1 and Qt 5.12.0Donald Carr
2019-02-10document new armv7 toolchain failingDonald Carr
2019-02-10Build from local source treeDonald Carr
2019-02-10Reflect new meta infoDonald Carr
2019-02-10Fix Qt 5.12.1 bcm_host breakageDonald Carr
2019-02-09rpi2: revert to prior compilerDonald Carr