AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-20Use full opengl on the jetsonDonald Carr
2019-08-16Don't assume Arch package suffixDonald Carr
2019-06-25Update to Qt 5.13 finalDonald Carr
2019-06-19Adjust readme headingDonald Carr
2019-06-19Create README.mdDonald Carr
2019-06-19Move to Qt 5.13 rc3Donald Carr
2019-06-10Just experienced first artriculate crash due to use of system libjpeg/libpng;...Donald Carr
2019-06-09jetson nano WIPDonald Carr
2019-05-23Update SRCINFODonald Carr
2019-05-23Add support for jetson-nanoDonald Carr