AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-15Release 2018_09_3 is the last to support Python2Alexander Minges
2019-09-13version bumpAlexander Minges
2019-09-13version bump; depend on python2-cairo instead of python2-cairocffiAlexander Minges
2019-01-21version bumpAthemis
2018-08-07version bumpAthemis
2018-07-10fix PKGBUILDAthemis
2018-07-10add eigen3 to dependenciesAthemis
2018-07-10use inchi provided as AUR packageAthemis
2018-06-06version bump to current releaseAthemis
2018-05-02bump InChI to 1.05Athemis