AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-12Updated sources & put back --disable-x11Cecile Tonglet
2017-12-27Fixed: core mupen64plus brokenCecile Tonglet
2017-12-26Removed dependency on OpenAL and SDL2Cecile Tonglet
2017-12-26Added .travis.ymlCecile Tonglet
2017-12-26Bumped to version 1.7.0Cecile Tonglet
2017-12-26Add videocore paths to PKG_CONFIG_PATHSergey Slipchenko
2017-07-04Upgrade to Git version directlyCecile Tonglet
2017-07-04Upgraded to RetroArch 1.6.1Cecile Tonglet
2017-04-23Upgrade to 1.5.0, fix version and cleanupCecile Tonglet
2016-04-30New maintainerCecile Tonglet