AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-31remove quotesAlexandre Bouvier
2019-02-22update .SRCINFOAlexandre Bouvier
2019-02-22remove old fixAlexandre Bouvier
2018-07-14add missing makedepend for qtpathsAlexandre Bouvier
2018-05-05add support for custom qt install prefixAlexandre Bouvier
2018-03-22make build great againAlexandre Bouvier
2016-09-15Clean PKGBUILDPierre Choffet
2016-09-15Clean gitignore filePierre Choffet
2016-09-09Updated SRCINFOMassimiliano Torromeo
2016-09-09Applied patch to fix the missing tray iconMassimiliano Torromeo