AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-09-11update maintainer email, drop unsupported archT.J. Townsend
2022-09-11update to 8.0T.J. Townsend
2022-07-30remove unneeded rm lineT.J. Townsend
2022-07-14update to 7.9T.J. Townsend
2022-07-05add missing dependency and fix typosT.J. Townsend
2022-04-09Update for rpki-client 7.8Sasha Romijn
2022-04-08Update for rpki-client 7.7Sasha Romijn
2022-02-08Update for rpki-client 7.6Sasha Romijn
2021-11-09Update for rpki-client 7.5Sasha Romijn
2021-10-30Update for rpki-client 7.4Sasha Romijn