AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-02-03Version bump 3.11.1Ted Alff
2018-12-25Don't provide fasm, require the package insteadTed Alff
2018-12-17Version bump 3.10.1Ted Alff
2017-09-20Version update: 3.9.0Ted Alff
2017-09-04Didn't recreate SRCINFO with new pkgrel on last commit.Ted Alff
2017-09-04Adopted. Build against QT5.Ted Alff
2017-05-18Update maintainerOleksii Vilchanskyi
2017-05-18Update to 3.8.0, add fasm to conflictsOleksii Vilchanskyi
2016-04-04Fixed sha256sumsproninyaroslav
2016-04-03Update to 3.5.0proninyaroslav