AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-07-10Update to Python3. Move pip installation to build().willemw12
2018-12-15Update URLs from GitHub mirror to git.sickrage.cawillemw12
2018-08-11Update program name from to SiCKRAGE.pywillemw12
2018-08-11Change source protocol from git to https. Cleanup messageswillemw12
2017-04-04Move python2-notify to optdepends. Colored install messageswillemw12
2017-03-02Make 'data' folder before migrationwillemw12
2017-03-02Split installed and configuration files into 'app' and 'data' folderswillemw12
2017-02-20Several updates...willemw12
2015-12-12Undo WorkingDirectory fixwillemw12
2015-12-12Undo WorkingDirectory fixwillemw12