AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-06-28update to 1.25.3Janek Thomaschewski
2019-06-28revert to version 1.25.1 due to upstream issue #3422 and download from mirror...Stephan Springer
2019-06-28ignore *.logStephan Springer
2019-06-26update to 1.25.2Janek Thomaschewski
2019-06-01update to 1.25.1Janek Thomaschewski
2019-05-31update to 1.25.0Janek Thomaschewski
2019-05-17remove gconf dependency due to Springer
2019-04-24use only one .desktop file and add action for starting in tray only; thanks t...Stephan Springer
2019-04-18use native Hunspell dictionariesStephan Springer
2019-04-18update to 1.24.1Janek Thomaschewski