AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-09-14update to SLiM v4.0.1Graham Gower
2022-08-10update to SLiM v4.0Graham Gower
2022-02-13update to SLiM v3.7.1Graham Gower
2021-12-16update to SLiM v3.7Graham Gower
2021-03-04update to SLiM v3.6Graham Gower
2020-12-07update to SLiM v3.5Graham Gower
2020-12-07ensure build dir is not created outside $srcdirGraham Gower
2020-05-12update to v3.4 tagged releaseGraham Gower
2020-05-06use master branch and update to pre-release versionGraham Gower
2020-04-07Use upstream repository, now that build is fixed there.Graham Gower