AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-03-31Upgrade to upstream version 22.03.25Behnam Momeni
2021-12-24Upgrade to version 21.12.06Behnam Momeni
2021-11-26Upgrade to version 21.11Behnam Momeni
2021-10-27Replace python2-lxml dependency with python-lxml for texts2paths scriptBehnam Momeni
2021-10-15Upgrade to version 21.09Behnam Momeni
2021-08-06Upgrade to version 21.08.02Behnam Momeni
2021-04-01Upgrade to version 21.02Behnam Momeni
2020-06-19Add `zip' make dependency + Update other depsBehnam Momeni
2020-06-04Add nodejs>=14.3.0 make dependencyBehnam Momeni
2020-05-28Upgrade to version 20.05Behnam Momeni