AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysFix Let makepkg use reccomended stable '-O2' CXX_FLAG for optimization levelMallchad
7 daysBump 'pkgver' and 'pkgrel' being paranoid over libboost upgrade requiredMallchad
7 daysUpdated url to match new upstreamMallchad
2021-09-23Replaced patch with more robust cmake cache variable as suggested by verriMallchad
2021-09-23Update '.SRCINFO' valuesMallchad
2021-09-23Patch 'CMakeLists.txt' to statically link the whole binaryMallchad
2021-09-23Remove 'spdlog-git' from conflicts, no such conflicting files are ever installedMallchad
2021-09-23Mark 'cmark' as a build-only makedependsMallchad
2020-07-06updating srcinfoCarlos van Rooijen
2020-07-06adding llvm to dependenciesCarlos van Rooijen