AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-03-19upgrade to version 1.1.3-2Cedric Meury
2018-01-08upgrade to version 1.0.0-1Cedric Meury
2016-11-29upgrade to version 0.20.2-1Cedric Meury
2016-11-29remove unnecessary make dependencies and use cp instead of rsyncCedric Meury
2016-09-20upgrade to uchiwa 0.18.2, required for sensu-core 0.26.0Cedric Meury
2016-05-31more descriptive systemd service descriptionCedric Meury
2016-05-31create system user and group with -rCedric Meury
2016-05-31initial packaging of uchiwa 0.14.5-1 with custom systemd scriptCedric Meury