AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-10Update vte to vte3Kevin MacMartin
2019-01-10Use vte3 instead of vte in the dependencies as that's what the package name i...Kevin MacMartin
2019-01-09Update to 3.3Kevin MacMartin
2018-05-22Update to 3.2Kevin MacMartin
2017-04-25Update to 3.1Kevin MacMartin
2017-01-02Change from development-releases to releases until the former is ahead of the...Kevin MacMartin
2016-11-30Update to 2.4.33Kevin MacMartin
2016-11-18Update to 2.4.32Kevin MacMartin
2016-10-12Update to 2.4.31Kevin MacMartin
2016-09-14Update to 2.4.30Kevin MacMartin