AgeCommit messageAuthor
47 hoursUpdated sumsAlex Gentilucci
2019-07-05Moved instant-markdown-d to 0.1.1 from github.Alex Gentilucci
2019-05-30Forgot .SRCINFOAlex Gentilucci
2019-05-30Added jq to makedependsAlex Gentilucci
2019-05-30Updated sums, fixed "Package contains reference to $pkgdir"Alex Gentilucci
2019-05-26Bad reading comprehension, fully tested nowAlex Gentilucci
2019-05-26Fixed accidental typo/overwrite, sorryAlex Gentilucci
2019-05-26Removed hack and updated checksumsAlex Gentilucci
2019-04-18Fixed error and updated maintainer in PKGBUILDAlex Gentilucci
2018-11-12make vim an optional dependencyTmplt