AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-30Use more secure `cd`.Damien Flament
2020-01-30Update to 1.8.26.Damien Flament
2017-12-12Updated version 1.8.19Damien Flament
2017-08-26Added Desktop file and iconDamien Flament
2017-08-26Updated to version 1.8.11Damien Flament
2017-08-26Moved script generation within the prepare() functionDamien Flament
2017-08-26Stored custom startup script in a file within the tarballDamien Flament
2017-08-26Used $pkgver variable to generate sources download linkDamien Flament
2017-03-07Bump package releaseDamien Flament
2017-03-07The application is downloaded in the user home data directory.Damien Flament