AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-12-31service: fix pipe managementSeverin Glöckner
2018-12-26add .SRCINFOSeverin Glöckner
2018-12-26switch to sconsSeverin Glöckner
2018-12-26switch to branch version, as it contains no translation breakages, but additi...Severin Glöckner
2018-12-26pkgbuild update and cve patchSeverin Glöckner
2018-10-17improved pkgbuildSeverin Glöckner
2018-10-08update checksumsSeverin Glöckner
2018-10-08with the recent changes the manual page can be accessed the normal waySeverin Glöckner
2018-10-06remove patch fileSeverin Glöckner
2018-10-06many packaging related improvementsSeverin Glöckner