AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-15Update to 4.12.1-1Maik Broemme
2019-04-30Update to 4.12.0-1Maik Broemme
2018-07-24Updated version in 'xen.install' fileMaik Broemme
2018-07-12Update to 4.11.0-1Maik Broemme
2018-05-15Applied XSA-260, XSA-261 and XSA-262Maik Broemme
2018-05-15Update to 4.10.1, fixed compilation issue with gcc-8Maik Broemme
2018-05-03Replaced mingw-w64-binutils with binutils as 2.30 is build with '--enable-tar...Maik Broemme
2018-05-03Fixed missing path of '--with-system-ovmf' parameter, fixed compilation issue...Maik Broemme
2018-04-11PKGBUILD cleanup, updated ipxe to latest version, aligned dependencies betwee...Maik Broemme
2018-04-09Removed duplicated parameters in grub-mkconfig-helper to fix '(XEN) parameter...Maik Broemme