AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-02-05Update to electron 11.1.1Mike Pento
2020-08-06Update to v1.2.0.r1161.gb11ca58Mike Pento
2020-04-05updated electron to version 8Mike Pento
2020-03-07Update to v1.2.0.r1070.g3afc470Mike Pento
2019-06-23Updated electron to fix startup problemsMike Pento
2019-06-23Updated electron dependency to 4.1.4 to fix startup problemsMike Pento
2018-08-15Bumped pkgrel for latest version (r916)Mike Pento
2018-04-09Fixed pkgver() handling and error when running gulp.Mike Pento
2016-12-15Updated electron versionMKzero
2016-07-08Updated electron versionMKzero