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Updated version (2.63.116.gcc73bb4 -> 2.63.117.g9b80ef6).
Changelog ========= typo fixed (9b80ef6) expand added (cc73bb4) method macro added (4151e86) documentation improved (6743883) method sort for records added (aa710a2) record methods get and sort.key added (bef52c4) methods for records added (cd6c634) argumnet parsing improved (1914516) argument evaluation for methods improved (7ac937f) simplified and string:concat added (e901418) fixes for boolean (29bc7a5) boolean methods added (0a30186) refactoring for simplification (0b9e91f) database methods added (36f22ba) methods for numbers added (eee2144) string methods reorganized and extended (29cf060) first methods for string class (846aaec) refactoring: shortening macro names (9f1ea5f) minor improvements (9bcb6c6) improved (285a393) documentation improved (9e48294) method parsing (1e2fcdc) towards method invocation (47bd901) L_FIELD renamed to L_VAR to make room for field syntax (1de6ccd) improvements (8b89522) improvements, especially for print (3bf93f3) improvements (5cd6d00) tag_id renamed to token_type (e3d0cee) test resuts fixed (8fdca76) iterator for Record added (1e96f7e) a database in numeric context evaluates to the number records contained (cba4e9f) read fixed (081136d) first approach of read (d73faba) evaluation of list fixed (7502e6c) NOTES are ignored (3c6f972) evaluation of argument for each fixed (02d040d) each evaluation added (82030e5) parsing of each added (03f501a) minor improvement (e7c166f) line breaking fixed (9f90116) simplified and documentation improved (98f8b01) evaluation oif return value fixed (c09e1ec) return added (6ec0548) list separator modified to comma (654141e) add.field made readable (37b921e) evaluation of with added (542a627) function type fixed and tests added (3dcb604) LineReader introduced to get back the error pointer (5343e79) type fixed (a0c594c) linker problems fixed (4a79c6b) defun implemented (381a720) improvements error message improved (60e98bf) reorg (b999bed) parsing of defun and function added (ea79b97) documentation improved (e7fa423) first steps towrds memory management (e2cef81) hash moved and first attempt to trace the memory usage (73b156c) L_BLOCK eliminated in favour of L_STRING (abe9bf5) iterator for macros added and used for addlist (0de7cfd) made readable (76a2eee) regexp.syntax made readable (2ea3d88) get_regex_syntax() added (08272a0) tests for clear.ignored.words added (af3a9d2) getter for ignored.word added (935a76c) print improved (bc761f2) slight improvements (a747460) properly initializing all of bibtool (447b5e8) trying to optimize (0c45bb3) fixes and test cases added (d33e0c2) refactorings and addition with getters for static variables (f976dcc) get_separator added (7c6cde8) builtin if implemented (8d89107) some simplifications (9ee6c82) refactoring to introduce a setter (84ebf47) macro.file implemented (9b1a7eb) improved (2f9328c) input tests added (e4ead1a) added (a20a7d7) improvements and else error message added (cba9dfa) g_input completed and slightly refactored (4d082e1) Merge branch 'master' of (74df6d8) decoupling of the io from main (02577a5) decoupling of the io from main (959165d) io extracted from main (b693d1f) with parsing added (386ddc7) if parsing added (c1ea387) group and while parsing added (2da1c44) compiling Changes.tex and install.tex as part of the packaging. set user and group in the tarball to bibtool (2503704) Binary distributions mentioned (92fcc8c) syntax fixed and appearance improved (edf4361) input added (4c6bcfa) improved (f04db83) improved (ba914ed) functions fixed (8cea0e5) block parsing and evaluating makking work (45f281a) test cases added (32776dd) comerator for > and >= added (e1e71fc) cmp added (7b077d4) comparison <= added (41e3412) improvements and < added (9ed5de9) renamed (ffd7eb7) more functions (f75acc2) cleanup (27ed839) more function resources added (4352b42) assignment improved (d8e8a5f) optimized (814e430) more test cases (bb93028) string resources added (ae05f13) Summary separator line shortened (33a2a8e) numeric resources integrated (b03c2b0) simplified and improved (47f1a81) returning onley the last result on evaluate (995535a) access to boolean resources (e2285e2) refactoring of the underlying structure of fucntion calls (fd6ce81) prepared for next release (f8f6d08) Merge branch 'master' of (0d1581f) version incremented (4295067)
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diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
index 9027f3f9ca9..ab44867ffb9 100644
--- a/.SRCINFO
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
# Generated by mksrcinfo v8
-# Tue Feb 23 22:21:09 UTC 2016
+# Wed Feb 24 06:37:38 UTC 2016
pkgbase = bibtool-git
pkgdesc = Command line manipulation of BibTeX files - from git-repo
- pkgver = 2.63.116.gcc73bb4
+ pkgver = 2.63.117.g9b80ef6
pkgrel = 1
url =
arch = i686