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Disable plugins support
Plugins don't work. One issue was the missing "lib/ghc-8.6.3/settings", caused by the use of a throwaway GHC installation. This could be mitigated by switching to a permanent GHC installation (e.g. by creating a separate AUR package for GHC pinned to 8.6). However, plugins in Gitit are still not usable because they cannot be compiled without libraries. Bundling libraries with this package isn't a good idea because 1. it can only be achieved by turning this into a binary package due to limitations of Haskell's build tools, and 2. even if problem 1 is fixed, the plugins are limited to just the bundled libraries. Remark on problem 1: It is necessary have to bundle the gitit libraries and all its dependencies. makepkg requires packages to be built in a "staged" directory ($pkgdir) that isn't the final destination of these files. Since cabal sandboxes are not relocatable ( see for example ), nor does cabal support building in staged sandboxes, the only solution would be to package gitit as a binary tarball, which is undesirable. As a result, plugin support will be disabled entirely, which shaves off like 60MiB of space. Users who wish to use gitit with plugins should consider building and running gitit with cabal + ghc-pristine. For example: sudo pacman -S --needed cabal-install ghc-static git mailcap zlib curl -L | tar -xz (cd ghc-pristine && makepkg -i) git clone cd gitit cabal v2-update cabal v2-configure --with-compiler=/usr/share/ghc-pristine/bin/ghc cabal v2-run -- gitit -f example.conf
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pkgbase = gitit
pkgdesc = A wiki backed by a git, darcs, or mercurial filestore
pkgver =
- pkgrel = 1
+ pkgrel = 2
url =
arch = i686
arch = x86_64
license = GPL
makedepends = cabal-install
+ makedepends = libffi
makedepends = ncurses5-compat-libs
- makedepends = numactl
- depends = libffi
depends = gmp
depends = mailcap
+ depends = numactl
depends = zlib
optdepends = git: git support
optdepends = mercurial: mercurial support