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Link with -Bsymbolic to reduce symbol leak issues
Plenty of internal symbols are exported, with rather generic names that can (and do) conflict with other libraries. So link with -Bsymbolic, which prevents overriding them with LD_PRELOAD but also prevents such conflicts from causing problems with functions here accidentally calling some other library's functions.
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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ pkgbase = lazyusf2-git
source = makefile.patch
source = LICENSE.CC0
sha256sums = SKIP
- sha256sums = 3433556bff919955b1dcae7a86fe5de474e4dda88a44a79872057d3ac54828f7
+ sha256sums = 7a48693ef6e9d41d7f0fa93094603b5decad888454a1fc9bbf6de8fdf88e3995
sha256sums = a90051e82202a5dc51162127c6834f8434fb2ece57795317951420fe6a8f4562
pkgname = lazyusf2-git