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Release rescached v3.0.0-alpha
All the server core functionalities (caches and forwarding) now implemented inside "dns.Server". The main function of this package are for reading options from configuration file (or from command line options) and watching changes from system resolv.conf. == New Features * Support serving and forwarding DNS over TLS * Add launchd script for macOS and make tasks to install and uninstall on macOS == Breaking Changes There are also some major changes on configuration file. All configuration now break into two section '[rescached]' and '[dns "server"]'. For more information see new rescached.cfg manual page or an example in `cmd/rescached/rescached.cfg`. Some detailed changes are, * "parent" option now use URI format instead of IP:PORT. This will allow parent name servers to be UDP, TCP, and/or DoH simultaneously. * "server.doh.parent" and "server.parent.connection" are removed, redundant with new "server.parent" format. * "cache.threshold" is renamed to "cache.prune_threshold". * "" is removed. The concept of writing PID file when the program start on networking service is not applicable or relevant anymore on systemd or launchd. If the program already started, the second program will fail because the port is already used.
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@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
pkgbase = rescached-git
pkgdesc = Resolver/DNS cache daemon
- pkgver = 2.1.1.r0.ga5ccf7d
+ pkgver = 3.0.0.alpha
pkgrel = 1
url =
arch = i686
@@ -12,12 +12,6 @@ pkgbase = rescached-git
makedepends = asciidoctor
depends = bash
provides = rescached
- conflicts = bind
- conflicts = nsd
- conflicts = pdnsd
- conflicts = powerdns
- conflicts = unbound
- conflicts = dnsmasq
backup = etc/rescached/rescached.cfg
backup = etc/rescached/hosts.d/hosts.block
source = rescached-git::git+