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Updated version (2012.05.14.1250.g5ff0621 -> 2012.05.14.1252.g95e26b8).
Changelog ========= Merge pull request #162 from marklee77/fix_del_pid_file (95e26b8) no "opts.pid_file" in quit(), must use self.opts.pid_file (c52d2b9) pass correct arguments when starting EM (5ff0621) Merge branch 'em-configuration' into next (b0e4d17) cookies: fix some comments (a8bddc2) cookies: store cookie path in the config file (c5e5aa1) docs: document event-manager's command line arguments (599eec8) event-manager: support a configuration file (c227b55) event-manager: minor cleanups (f6823f9) Merge branch 'no-global-opts-var' into next (4067453) event-manager: make opts non-global (c674c2c) event-manager: use .event for SET_KEYCMD (bd5e8e8) uzbl-core: set verbose and print_events earlier (a599ceb) Merge branch 'gh/keis/web-extensions-dir' into next (6458267) make web_extension_directory property constant (154c59a) set web extensions directory when initialising uzbl (b56da93) makefile: clean up uzbl-browser.1 (56ffa23) bump webkit2 version check macros (348ff7f) commands: add more info to print TODO item (b89e710) commands: implement `choose` for chooser handlers (9b2662a) requests: refactor out the `request` command (66e72f6) gui: implement a file chooser handler (7ceb0f8) variables: simplify editor_state even more (263a160) variables: detect unknown editor states (82a80d3) variables: fix editor_state logic (051d363) gui: handle media plugin install requests (69a581e) gui: handle descriptions for permission requests (d92e6c5) uzbl-core: add some TODO items (7bb2bce) uzbl-core: set the web process limit (e7d50a4) variables: expose editor_state (d8eba8a) variables: expose website_data_manager variables (09a9667) variables: expose indexed_db_directory variable (32b55aa) variables: expose file://->file:// variable (27744dd) gui: implement a color chooser handler (5d2148b) docs: fix default_context_menu version requirement (eacf311) gui: handle notification signals (d057ff1) docs: document `unknown` permission requests (a9b72a7) gui: handle user-media permission requests (f73edfe) gui: handle resource tls errors (fc54111) gui: refactor out tls errors given a uri (31a7e73) makefile: create the appdata directory (fdefe7c) makefile: use SHAREDIR more (47f39f2) gui: initialize the new window (cec53db) commands: add transparent option to the snapshot command (cb93ba6) variables: expose background_color for 2.7.4 (7c9b11f) variables: expose is_playing_audio (d1ed263) variables: simplify resizeable_text_areas impl (9c9df91) variables: expose editable in WebKit2 >= 2.7.4 (bd37e86) variables: get boolean properties as booleans (84e08a9) docs: fix quoting mention in `bind` docs (896a910) docs: install the event-manager documentation (760d6be) docs: document the `progress_bar` plugin (7612849) progress_bar: add % format specifier (4ca0849) progress_bar: support multi-character done and pending strings (d18a0f8) docs: document the `on_set` plugin (d1b961f) docs: document the `on_event` plugin (b1282f3) docs: document the `mode` plugin (d482b8f) event-manager: remove `=` argument from `MODE_CONFIG` (420e50f) event-manager: add missing import to `history` (e5838dc) event-manager: prefer .event over .send (2011678) event-manager: improve error handling messages (413af55) docs: document the `keycmd` plugin (da41700) docs: document the `config` plugin (d94d580) variables: fix local-storage-path version checks (3ea76c2) cookies: add TODO for private browsing mode (581fbed) docs: document the `history` plugin (d1b058a) plugins: clean up newlines at the end of the files (ed4c073) docs: document the `downloads` plugin (e76b41c) docs: document cookie storage locations (820402d) docs: document the `cookies` plugin (89dd21d) docs: document the `completion` plugin (d6dd65b) docs: clarify some `bind` plugin behaviors (4769320) docs: document the `bind` plugin (197db46) bind: fix `uzbl` variable reference (2c148c1) config: add bindings for non-incremental searching (d9b9437) cmd_expand: replace arguments in reverse (05d9ccd) config: define `@bind` in terms of `@mode_bind` (605bae3) scheme, scheme-request: fix sign-compare warning (67e2b1b) io: lock down fifo and socket permissions (4b547f0) docs: mention sensitive data on the event stream (60aeabb) appdata: use mailing list (c95fe12) appdata: add appdata file (d9f97bd) config: default forward_keys to 1 (c4a9eb0) Merge branch 'dev/scheme-with-mimetype' into next (abbccae) scheme, scheme_request: handle NUL return from strchr (18280ad) commands: script {listen,ignore} require 2.7.2 (e61e062) gui: move user_manager pointer to be private (f791ac1) Merge branch 'gh/drnlm/add_user_content_manager' into next (64652b3) config: insert tabs in the bookmarks file (88fdeec) event-manager: use the logger rather than printing (48c5023) io: update comments (152c651) io: use G_SOURCE_{CONTINUE,REMOVE} macros (ac087e2) commands: don't return the useless '[object Object]' string (6774271) dmenu: detect other placement patches (a90843d) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/keis/event-manager-travis' into next (35db169) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/keis/sandbox-python-path' into next (e9d5f2a) add note about sandbox in documentation (9271430) workarounds for python2 (cdc49f8) add travis configuration (ad2eed0) fix broken event manager tests (cc3d2c9) restore tests from 21811f05198ee48a9bedaefd8ec5b6cedd92f179 (d2157a8) uzbl-browser: fix variable typo (fe1c7fe) use virtualenv to run python in sandbox (724e8dd) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/moorchegue/next_completion' into next (33c9177) arguments: add docstring (191989c) docs: fix subcommands for search (5843094) sandbox: remove -S from the python call (2243c0e) faq: add a question about the six module (66f05c3) Completion for `set` command is not the special case anymore since it lost `=` sign. (b6dafd3) Tiny fix. (f1a7d11) Remove dead code (e8f2066) Restrict to Webkit 2. Reduce version check to 2.5.1 (4fd7208) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/Konubinix/next' into next (193d5a7) WebKitWebView only has a WebKitUserContentManager if it's created with webkit_web_view_new_with_user_content_manager (9314d16) zoom_type does not exist anymore, use zoom_text_only instead (4174bac) Prefer the use of environment variables like defined in instead of hardcoding their value. (b182bc6) Search for uzbl scripts in XDG_DATA_DIRS (b04a5f6) uzbl-browser: support socket paths from the environment (631afc1) show_status: fix setting from a config file (5295386) docs: fix case of a section title (e6b02ab) docs: add DEBUGGING document (3574a60) docs: update man page (4c5b026) docs: add FAQ (b7692f3) Merge branch 'dev/nav-script' into next (66e1067) navigation: add TODO item for RFC 5988 (3a27382) navigation: add selectors for titled links as well (dc50255) Merge branch 'dev/buffered-io' into next (379ed2b) Merge branch 'dev/rename-scheme_handler' into next (a7e7160) Merge branch 'dev/py2-py3-support' into next (92dbefb) Merge branch 'handle-invalid-pid-file-contents' into next (7641009) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/ff2000/insert_bookmarks_make_zenity_happy' into next (9a5884d) fails when zenity is called without dialog type. (b98fab4) remove excess newlines (69fa417) per-site-settings: sys.exit, not os.exit (0df98cc) event_manager: handle invalid pid contents (fd7eb46) added uzbl-tabbed keybindings looking at the default config file (44baa72) Replaced all literal ">"s by "&gt;" (c91695e) scheme_handler: rename to navigation_handler (9b681cb) variables: add an is_online constant (ed5b3da) make: depend on uzbl-browser from install-uzbl-browser (5604d8e) css: make the location and level optional (80986f0) fixup! commands: add a 'script' command (f6209f2) docs: fix replacement commands for inject_* variables (8d3e168) commands: hook up message handlers from the page (88f4c80) commands: add a 'script' command (96bb6ed) css: clean up documentation (3d0f429) status_background: guard free call for provider (f9ade3b) zoom: fix a style nit (1600174) variables: add a missing function (e991586) build: fix a build failure (e1a803c) status_background: avoid deprecated functions (0d40408) navigation: provide is_gesture (a4e563f) css: support the user manager in 2.5.1 (a520633) webkit2: remove page_view_mode from 2.5.1+ (16ff2fe) webkit2: handle the '4.0' pkg-config files (09f7698) webkit: add options to support up to 2.7.2 (ac29dd2) status-bar: avoid deprecated functions (97badd0) status-bar: use a constant for the padding size (5887202) gui: resize grips are deprecated (bcb9a1f) python: use six to support Python2 and 3 (8a599d2) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/Ziphilt/dev/fix-zoom' into next (a0af444) Start with the currently-set zoom level, not zero (08c120b) readme: fix a typo (b86adb3) uzbl-core: fix spelling for the libsoup version define (175b380) scheme: use the first line as a MIME type (350391a) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/dylex/fix' into next (6f3b2a5) gui: more unused variable misses (52d34bc) gui: mark variables as unused (e214e4a) Fix for css command baf7768 from @Ziphilt (f0fad79) webkit2: update for 2.5.90 changes (ee286ff) io: handle EOF when buffering properly (ed9f75e) io: use buffering for line reads (22889d3) navigation: add bindings for rel="{next,prev}" (e603fce) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/notnew/next' into next (7db30cc) Merge commit 'gh/dylex/next' into next (605b0e1) Don't crash with missing optional args to css (baf7768) fix `toggle` command to use passed options (0d4a8bf) commands; use a default action for the menu (5f5d811) commands: return early when calling commands in JS (39b61ae) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/pfuender/next' into next (4387b54) fix FS#351 (Fail to install using make --jobs) (c1cb112) config: fix some commented example commands (bdc3017) gui: fix TLS error event string (e10c447) config: move SSL configuration to the end (82e9dc1) config: fix a typo (1bb2421) Merge branch 'dev/fix-load-start' into next (6811d43) Use the view's URI when sending load status events (0ec327c) Fix LOAD_START (ecf5bd8) em: append to the log (158f847) config: document the '_G' command (9883ff7) cookies: use safe raw strings (055c4d1) cookies: use the new cookie command (bdd0a65) em: add a safe_raw method to Arguments (17bbd25) cookies: fix up some style (26fefc3) em: fix a typo (e69b41e) config: initialize the uzbl object in the page (b0c376f) uzbl-core: support older libsoup in --bug-info (a24ec5f) remove extra shift (976f820) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/razcampagne/next' into next (aeb1c43) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/nmeum/makefile' into next (f7f866f) Remove reference to app_cache_directory variable (7a28c1a) uzbl-tabbed: force python2 as the executable (dd9d55a) soup: only get the next item if the previous was valid (02993bf) soup: bail if builtin authentication is being used (f3d6d27) config: fix the default directory variable (7bbce99) Only remove trailing newlines from non-exec output (db9882d) commands: fix the BUILTINS event (dd1ec98) io: fix a typo (e25abde) docs: only install markdown docs (7691b4a) uzbl-core: add --bug-info flag (923e3df) io: include setup.h for requests (057ae9e) hash: fix spacing (2f0ba0b) requests: make setting a reply internal (3a033d8) webkit2: remove cookie-jar.c from WebKit2 (ec73e6f) docs: reorganized and update some docs (8f54a9d) docs: document uzbl-context JavaScript expansion (00911d8) is pretty good at figuring out the script dir by itself (c3a5cc4) Always use install(1) with -p flag (f776fff) Removed more obsolet test suite rules (d30740e) s/INSTALLDIR/MANDIR/ (700770f) Added myself to the authors file (329dbdd) Install uzbl-event-manager man page in install-event-manager rule (ea452cc) Update uninstall rule (19f8380) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/nmeum/betterdocs' into next (6641953) Remove the test suite (7569866) Minor whitespace nit (21811f0) Read window_size from config, quote URL when opening new tab. (496c456) Chain to NEW_TAB for embedded instances (cabb4e8) Add an embedded variable (5e8d634) Clear command input when its focus is lost (c8780d6) Clear the modifier string when focus is lost (e3935a6) Add LOAD_CANCELLED event (14c4745) Send a REQ_NEW_WINDOW for new windows (e787c42) Free the decision (66276ec) Avoid a double space in TYPE_STR_ARRAY comm arguments (29e6e09) Add frame and redirect information to request_handler (a5ac041) Use source and destination frames in navigation (42f2a88) Add frame and type to NAVIGATION_STARTING (a0f014a) Added man page for uzbl-browser (aa85044) Fix file paths (c59555a) Use Em macro instead of single quotes to emphasize stuff (b1bd3a9) Merge branch 'next' of git:// into betterdocs (943be6a) Guard against NULL in DOWNLOAD_ERROR (9f0f4a2) Set empty output if the command fails (fbeae61) Clean up some GError-related code (e1f2a61) Initialize GError pointers to NULL (ac87c2f) Update the README for --socket renaming (74edefa) Fix --named parameter documentation (0c7a052) Fix off-by-one in the scroll command (44e206d) Fix the CA bundle path in the example configuration (824eab0) Style fixes to uzbl-tabbed (fff2b6b) Added file section (eca8494) Remove --embed and rename --socket (83fdfe5) End lists started with Bl macro (7bf3c4e) Update uzbl-event-manager options (184fc28) Sort options alphabetically (4c8eeaf) Use the 'Fl' macro twice to express long options (abde6e9) Handle a socket without an instance (431feb8) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/nmeum/manpages' into next (f773c9f) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/nmeum/makefile' into next (f001be9) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/nmeum/uzbl-browser' into next (aaf01cc) Specify server socket for uzbl-event-manager (67c67c6) Typos (d16c9f2) Make sure that uzbl-event-manager was started successfully (cfa2dc9) There is more than one default config file (8807d8e) Use the 'if [...]; then' style for all if statements in bin/uzbl-browser (5a277a2) There is no need to use a for loop to create the directories (63217b5) A few small Makefile improvements (b6c7015) Typos (ce2f042) Rename uzbl(1) to uzbl-core(1) (a21aaa4) Rewrite existing man pages in mdoc(7) format (b772abd) Use glib for setenv and unsetenv (57920c1) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/nmeum/next' into next (bbb89b8) Only change mode of python and shell example scripts (d10a9af) Don't replace @PREFIX@ in *.in files twice (da8135b) Revert "Add HTTPS-Everywhere support" (2741e7e) Fix the GTK2 build (3e676ed) Better error information from per-site-settings (abd9b42) Add includes and defines for older glibc (5e5b692) Add a NAVIGATION_STARTING event (348e71f) Remove no-op variable storage (b043a4d) Improve docs for synchronous handlers (74a8a84) Add support for TLS error handling (4ea5e04) Fix some minor whitespace nits (42a5f0e) Fix global plugin notifications (8e0eefe) Notify global plugins of new uzbl instances (cf8802d) Handle comments in the core function (5f75c2a) Fix quoting in (d185c7f) Free menu items (a0e0941) Minor cleanups in (a5f6c40) Update example config for menu command changes (660b8ee) Typos. (472a034) Fix downloads in WebKit1 (23de4b2) Initialize the plugin instances earlier (f3ee46e) Don't quote the path; spaces are literal in set (63eea77) Fix the sandbox so it works again (64cd9d5) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/nmeum/next' into mathstuf/next (a96e8c6) Clean up uzbl.1 (2215e4a) Cast the return value (b0ef4e0) Document that --uri is now required for URI loads (e944206) Remove docs for uri-as-argument (74becd7) Fixed installation of bin/uzbl-browser (311d2a7) Fix test statement in uzbl-browser startup script (832d1f4) Rewrite the install rules to be saner (35086fc) Don't install documentation that isn't committed (111109b) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/ToBeReplaced/enable-scripts' into mathstuf/next (16ffbbd) Fix Python installation with an empty DESTDIR (9869007) Start the download in WebKit1 (f4302ac) Don't dereference downloads (68e41c4) Connect signals for WebKit1 download handling first (ac17698) Set the process model earlier (687db3d) Fix build errors with WebKit2 (b599456) Fix download URI munging (bc50729) Match the error callback signature with the signal (869bf6c) Fix the arguments to the download handler (359d81c) Fix the build in WebKit1 with downloads (97681ac) Remove trailing newlines from command output (c3d2bd1) Remove the last newline from output (fc01b89) Fix uninitialised memory warnings (2a04330) Fix memory leaks (43b3994) Use _DEFAULT_SOURCE instead of _BSD_SOURCE (ba6d414) Fix some style errors (cfe1332) Update for WebKitGTK 2.3.90 (8431405) Update for WebKitGTK 2.3.5 (7403fda) Add examples of configuring proxy and scripts. (82fc938) Document authentication_handler args accurately (9be957a) Add a can_display argument to request_handler (4348a94) Provide scheme_handler with information in WebKit1 (d27478c) Fix a typo for 2.3.3 support (b5fa414) Merge remote-tracking branch 'gh/ToBeReplaced/clipboard-follow' into mathstuf/next (3e4dde4) Add clipboard support to (717fa78) Update for 2.3.3 (d9df0bd) Fix uzbl-browser installation (62842d9) Merge branch 'dev/script-sync' into mathstuf/next (5a2effd) Define go_input in the page API (4b32328) Add enable_media_stream for WebKit2 (72c6d66) Document JavaScript injection as borked in WebKit2 (2390c70) Add a document for upgrading to 1.0 (d704fa0) Fix README installation (41c82db) Make shell variables readonly (9dce633) Use 'print' in (76e4af8) Add a function to make a dmenu placement argument string (3e9733a) Simplify feature and flag checking in (4d95702) Collapse 'grep | sed' pipeline in (5d4f476) Fix up (ee1def5) Use the socket directory for formfiller temp files (dda573a) Use veritical and resize features in (aca24a9) Remove window calculations in (550f2b6) Make PEP8 compliant (fc7fd4a) Fix style nits in shell scripts (b9b480c) Update variables (e14fb4f) Make variables in functions local (8c50407) Iterate over frames in formfiller.js (b1d5165) Add followMenu (2cde90e) Set the mode up front for selection following (20177c5) Don't label javascript: links when doing new window (2f94a4c) Properly check for undefined variables (44e7759) Don't set uzbl in follow.js or formfiller.js (bd896e2) Remove a level of indentation in shell case statements (78ae5d1) Remove a level of indentation from JavaScript files (e7e6a84) Minor style nits in (216b1b3) Use better URI escaping in (fb61168) Use the socket instead of the FIFO (7823845) Fix a typo in print (10e8d02) Add sed_i and error utility functions (c394907) Support 'return' in (c82c8c5) Free the result from spawn_sync (4b1cb39) Fix the BUILTIN event (4ce9f27) Use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR if available (5bbdedf) Install the proper README files (e52ca87) Merge branch 'dev/update-docs' into mathstuf/next (e503f19) Support request_handler in WebKit1 (281f014) Update request_handler documentation (9d1f833) Improve cookie documentation examples (773de73) Kill a level of indentation (14c2f12) Update docs for link following configuration (3da1efa) Avoid deleting new web views from signals (50ef134) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/script-cleanups' into mathstuf/next (5e4ae6e) Merge branch 'master' into mathstuf/next (2234e55) Merge branch 'dev/fix-follow-selection' into mathstuf/dev/script-cleanups (27b97f4) Merge branch 'master' into mathstuf/dev/script-cleanups (e679404) Remove rogue conflict marker (4f0e9b2) Return the result of selecting the element (613ec78) Save window.getSelection (bf173b6) Return the result of selecting the element (6a0d38e) Save window.getSelection (810cf8d) Merge branch 'dev/add-permission-handler' into mathstuf/next (002eede) Do something if permission_handler is invalid too (153a666) Document permission_handler (4be7ef5) Update scheme_handler documentation (55349c9) Update docs for latest changes (ade86b6) Remove uzbl-browser when cleaning (8e1aff1) Remove unimplemented event (e5896fd) Embed uzbl subdir in the XDG _home variables (2db99f3) Document the dir1:dir2:dir3:subpath behavior (44a1d0d) Simplify uzbl-browser logic (8f645c6) Move '!' outside the test block (c2123b8) Quote variable expansion in uzbl-browser (37327e6) Add a target for uzbl.desktop (086b2b4) Configure uzbl-browser for PREFIX (c954ac5) Rewrite the main README file (484f801) Merge branch 'dev/add-permission-handler' into mathstuf/next (47b8a33) Hook up permission requests from WebKit (17e9086) Merge branch 'dev/misc-cleanups' into mathstuf/next (c923ee6) Add extra information on navigation requests (64dd64b) Fix a typo in the command table (5f44376) Merge branch 'dev/make-variables-private' into mathstuf/next (1e24126) Make soup_logger private to variables.c (508e841) Make embed private to uzbl-core.c (75b5498) Hide the window on close as well (2a9c664) Make the inspector window private to inspector.c (2b032d8) Make last_button private to gui.c (8c0ae46) Merge branch 'dev/misc-cleanups' into mathstuf/next (67465c5) Remove unneeded casts to GtkWindow (b590581) Remove an unused variable (4c18bb6) Clean up conditional for loading content (38eb533) Merge branch 'dev/webkit2-authentication' into mathstuf/next (5464895) Disable hiding deprecated GTK symbols (c0976f8) Support cancelling a request (50519d8) There's no need to store the credential twice (9758697) Implement WebKit2 authentication handling (c44c43d) don't build against Webkit2 by default; it doesn't compile yet. (5bb6cc4) Merge branch 'dev/misc-cleanups' into mathstuf/next (d8766a5) Don't fail if files don't exist when cleaning (4a99395) Merge branch 'dev/make-variables-private' into mathstuf/next (e99c3b8) Add variables for the compile-time WebKit version (232cc76) Remove direct access to frozen in WebKit2 (78a42ba) Merge branch 'dev/auth-cleanup' into mathstuf/next (06f8701) Get an action from authentication handler response (302cf8b) Use newlines as the authentication separation string (ddcf14c) Add more information to authentication requests (092a3d6) Pause the message before sending the request (c4ca6dc) Free memory in WebKit1's authentication handler (0d24e29) Remove extra line (33e6ba7) Check the arg_string before using (177296a) Clean up g_strsplit usage (d6c3ad4) Merge branch 'dev/make-variables-private' into mathstuf/next (3c53bbf) Make uzbl_io_connect_socket internal (f95d13a) Expose an internal API for flushing the buffer (c9124fa) Move uzbl_io_quit to be private (dd7d7df) Manage the event buffer better (aa31b73) Use the session from the request (5574eb3) Initialize all command line variables (539faa9) Remove an unneeded include from variables.h (c3b2d8b) Add a header with all init/free functions (74ef82d) Send the exit event from uzbl_free (f69b190) Initialize gtk outside of uzbl_init (c85f584) Update the status bar from uzbl_init (5de5b60) Move more GUI setup into uzbl_init (c3de5e8) Group all command-line action flag code together (520fbf7) Send the list of builtin commands from uzbl_init (3ac12f8) Mark uzbl as started after the last initialization (6c7678b) Send startup event right after connecting to EMs (8926c35) Initialize the GUI before connecting to EMs (3061dc0) Ensure XDG variables before connecting to EMs (a93faed) Remove excess initialization (85373e5) Connect to event managers from uzbl_init (ec5d932) Parse the configuration if given from uzbl_init (3125e6d) Parse out arguments (29e5fb3) Remove unused executable_path variable (e9093cf) Store load_failed in gui.c (872860a) Store the last_selected_url in gui.c (0fd1118) Clean up geometry handling (b053231) Make a private gui structure (98c649f) Rename the uzbl_initialize function (8c09432) Check to see if the color parsed before saving it (11eac0b) Don't treat user strings differently than builtins (af8d229) Check default_context_menu in older WebKits too (6cd68bc) Simplify some code (7063974) Remove unused UzblBehavior struct (f412bb9) Move print_version into uzbl-core.c (0d2ff3a) Make constants into functions (e704a93) Move HTML5 database variables into variables.c (53bcf67) Move page variables into variables.c (2a6b6a3) Move security variables into variables.c (a06ccba) Move network variables into variables.c (966eb86) Move customization variables into variables.c (c8c5fe9) Move UI variables into variables.c (51c1c29) Move window variables into variables.c (798ee0b) Move handler variables into variables.c (3779da1) Move communication variables into variables.c (ccea7f7) Move Uzbl variables into variables.c (f86ca7f) Make the variable table privately (62c8b52) Move the variable table into variables.c (528d0ee) Move search variables into commands.c (cd3350f) Use uzbl_free from the clean_up function (fa8f9d1) Move the commands table into commands.c (e546c45) Move I/O thread variables into io.c (f8969c1) Move request-related variables into requests.c (462e927) Use fprintf/fflush over puts (b5a64af) Split add_cmd_source calls (4b7116a) Don't be greedy about changing the variable value (eb93a80) Return FALSE if the socket isn't removed (7026a0a) Move events and requests code over to uzbl_io_send (8eb5651) Implement socket communication in io.c (91597d7) Make the fifo and socket paths private to io.c (ab06572) Make an IO-private structure (2b238f1) Iterate over client sockets externally (acfed8a) Reorder functions around (c385b69) Escape single quotes in C strings (c1ae7bd) Append newlines in comm.c (48d6b76) Use g_timeout to clear the buffer (94f074a) Merge branch 'dev/misc-cleanups' into mathstuf/next (e4d2c0d) Update vim syntax for @- -@ (bed356b) Run the command source with high priority (e6f2196) Fix JS expansion off-by-one (485fd6a) Fix comment typos (a5ea978) Add @- -@ expansion for the clean JS context (66a4528) Refactor JS variable expansion (251898b) Add section header comment in js.c (132e975) Cleanup sockets in the callback (78aad93) Add diff attributes for better diffs (4b05568) Fix pycache cleaning (94b1505) Use the right free function for SoupMessageHeaders (d804bf8) Merge branch 'dev/misc-cleanups' into mathstuf/next (e9e3e49) Return TRUE from accepted_languages in WebKit2 (c5cebfc) Make webkit_view available in WebKit2 (9a3ac3b) Don't app_cache_directory in WebKit2 (1751bb6) Always free the path memory (e9d4d2c) Free I/O resources (02f3315) Set the io_loop to NULL after destroying (57e6650) Minimize the number of paths for returning (7e2b705) Add missing brace (98b072b) Cast the decision in WebKit2 (a8ed470) Avoid warnings with WebKit2 in `snapshot` (8d26fbf) Use doubles instead of floats (2262f26) Merge branch 'dev/remove-equal-from-set' into mathstuf/next (600ec27) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (c21dcb9) Clean up shell scripts in misc/ (ecc5834) Highlight .uzbl files as well (c7b896a) Update uzbl vim highlighting (5a207f2) Fix typo in expansion refactor (9ab5ea7) Remove obsolete comment (a59a1da) Remove the '=' from the set command (c7ff3be) Merge branch 'dev/remove-equal-from-set' into mathstuf/next (1c92298) Remove obsolete comment (6c7921b) Remove the '=' from the set command (7616836) Update request -> event deprecation in plugins (268680e) Merge branch 'dev/misc-cleanups' into mathstuf/next (c2d9a75) Add the destination to DOWNLOAD_ERROR events (7343e0d) Refactor LOAD_* event sending (136c514) Fix some minor nits (5135f0a) Allow request to have multiple arguments (333a8ba) Use an authentication_handler again (e906f91) Merge branch 'dev/threaded-uzbl' into mathstuf/next (1411f0c) Use geometry command since geometry is read-only (706ab0c) Merge branch 'dev/async-handlers' into mathstuf/next (23f4608) Move can_show variable into a smaller scope (9999f64) Add the disposition to mime_handler arguments (98e0723) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (4e19591) Fix DOWNLOAD_PROGRESS for WebKit2 (4dd6e20) Simplify selected_url logic (9715c88) Remove an unused event (7009eee) Use the command as the event data (b8cef8a) Declare info with its assignment (de38dc5) Fix the builtin event to be properly formed JSON (01f4156) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (27a21ce) Move variable table below main API functions (9e819f7) Make the command table const (b15370e) Move command table below the API functions (381c769) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (9d59c58) Minor nit (8c66b50) Merge branch 'dev/async-handlers' into mathstuf/next (8c7b5cc) Ignore the socket if it isn't writeable (d6a1c7c) Results don't have newlines in them (35b1d6d) Handle new window actions as well (b0a5112) The value can't be NULL (1902e21) Block other handlers when frozen (b162275) Dedent case blocks (9ac2a38) Make scheme handlers async (d7fed06) Always append a destination uri (cc59350) Make request handlers async (8ebaf75) Request a download URI async (035234a) Make navigation requests async (5f1f255) Check for 'frozen' before invoking handlers (3b315ca) Simplicy decision calls (e491cee) Fix a whitespace nit (f334b30) Always call the callback (41a2253) Add support for scheduling commands (b07aca0) Allow NULL when free'ing arg arrays (4527465) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (471abd8) Refactor '+' handling in variable expansions (4422ebf) Use spawn_sync and spawn_sh_sync for expansion (7c03b3e) Always free the result string (03b08f4) Set maintain_history default in config.h (da0fd17) Set a default for shell_cmd (2051db1) If find_existing_path fails, use the given string (7ee4ae6) Check for a result from running a command (b9920ff) Use output_stdout as a sync flag in spawn commands (47339cf) Run chained commands with new results each time (ea344b1) Always append results (f2d10c8) Warn about unused functions (9c3ae2c) Merge branch 'dev/threaded-uzbl' into mathstuf/next (8200a04) Move constants together (51bcb7b) Remove unused functions (4f05aa9) Fix app_cache_directory variable (9b475d3) Merge branch 'dev/update-webkit-options' into mathstuf/next (d86ada8) Fix page_view_mode values on WebKit1 (830818b) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (6585c7a) Guard against NULL from custom_encoding (ad578db) Support enable-scripts in WebKit2 (0ea5598) Simplify zoom_level getter/setter (625263e) Block zoom_step from being < 0 (e4de247) Support "auto" for accept_languages in WebKit1 (8530f4b) Remove unneeded variables for max_conns{,_host} (0b1eb2d) Remove unneeded variable for useragent (7f6f051) Remove unneeded variable for proxy_url (88e4aea) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (442fa6e) Merge branch 'dev/add-desktop-file' into mathstuf/next (0e094cc) Add uzbl.desktop to .gitignore and make clean (9d66bd5) Add TODO items (252acbe) Minor nits (138fd0e) Bail if the default context menu is wanted (2dd2a5b) Force a result for spawn_sync as well (d4b0fe3) Check for ERANGE for x parsing as well (15e50f9) Use ARG_CHECK macro (ecc039d) Unify snapshot command between WebKit1 and 2 (78d7b3c) Flip around security's arguments to be more sensible (07c82c0) Bail on empty string as an option (a5b54a2) Check the argument count before dereferencing (cf1db20) Check the base_uri and whitelist for empty strings (a82e753) Support absolute percentage scrolling (3a07308) Name the arguments to the "cookie delete" command (9ef2c23) Set variables while declaring (f3b0f43) Add FORM_ACTIVE handler to the default config (313b737) Clean out __pycache__ directories as well (d6f817d) Merge branch 'dev/scheme-command' into mathstuf/next (3bbf8ae) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (e79ba11) Check the version for the security command (0b89b64) Fix some whitespace in the Makefile (543e8d2) Add a check as to whether soup-version.h exists (adc78c4) Merge branch 'dev/add-desktop-file' into mathstuf/next (2459446) Use INSTALL variable in Makefile (57947a9) Add desktop file (d98df96) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (d661f2a) Merge branch 'dev/add-man-pages' into mathstuf/next (597d948) Merge branch 'dev/fix-python-install' into mathstuf/next (c805f2b) Install python files to DESTDIR as well (809ec8f) Add manpages from Debian (d256077) Support toggling user variables (b4ebec3) Add WebKit UA variables (6897ff5) Merge branch 'dev/threaded-uzbl' into mathstuf/next (fe747ac) Remove nasty cookie hack (bdbfe08) Add a timeout for replies (32dc5e3) Kill an annoying warning (d4a2b76) Handle only a single reply at a time (0e83ca8) Bail on the socket if things fail (597c1db) Remove unused code (c8aa2af) send_event_sockets checks for a NULL msg (19bc844) Remove excess indentation (fc653ef) Use a better variable name than 'tmp' (9770627) Merge branch 'dev/scheme-command' into mathstuf/next (67312a6) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (41732fe) Disable uzbl_sync call (48631e6) Fix some warnings (d815df4) Add support for WebKit2 scheme handlers (ccd92a4) Implement a scheme command (5adee90) Add initial implementation of scheme handling (6ef8b2d) Only compile soup.c for WebKit1 (2a1fa92) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (0565ddc) Always clean up memory in the event command (0184aed) Merge branch 'dev/threaded-uzbl' into mathstuf/next (0d2b518) Remove unnecessary functions (81e0ffc) Remove unused cmd_cancel variable (fb171df) Add TODO items (c8f694a) Use the UzblState's io_loop (eb6a790) Run I/O in a separate thread (a2aaad3) Don't dump objects into the root directory (b90abb3) Add GAsyncQueue GSource code from RhythmBox (f26908d) Refactor adding watches to GIOChannels (eb29718) Make callbacks match GIOFunc (5006dd2) Implement a request command (f831bdc) Implement request handling in the EM (cc160ce) Remove "variables" (4deb67c) Filter out replies from commands to run (514de56) Add request code (b657a2d) Factor out event string creation (2709e24) Log when a request URI is rewritten (2c3059e) Use uzbl_variables_get_* instead of direct access (74a8636) Remove update_title call (c306f46) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (cc9e330) Move ownership of the path down (337f425) Free the expiration time (9f8691d) Refactor handling of socket/fifo/stdin input (6b67e11) Replay the event buffer *then* send new messages (b5541e9) Simplify 'if' branch (845953d) Factor out checking msg for NULL (723622a) Merge branch 'dev/per-site-settings' into mathstuf/next (54abdf7) Merge branch 'dev/https-everywhere' into mathstuf/next (1f6f0a5) Merge branch 'dev/fix-python3-porting' into mathstuf/next (589d9e1) Store on_event commands in a list (fdb7909) Add HTTPS-Everywhere support (d02f600) Add support for securing cookies on request (e704a3d) Support ull variables (e6b539e) Fix word deletion (778ed45) Toss out AST parsing for argument splitting (25948cb) Merge branch 'dev/update-webkit-options' into mathstuf/next (dd150ec) Fix WebKit2 build (0805afb) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (5858e2b) Add missing 'break' statement (082f642) Add TODO note for navigation requests (64c7deb) Check extensions for NULL first (05bdb54) Fix variable naming (f825ec9) Remove unused variable (01b91a0) Remove excess whitespace (5980833) Add uzbl-core to the Makefile (1bca8b8) Merge branch 'dev/create-comm-dir' into mathstuf/next (c395cde) Loop from the second character (91591eb) Remove extra semicolon (9378754) Guard against 0-length directory names (91d1e86) Merge branch 'PromyLOPh/key' into mathstuf/next (339566b) Merge branch 'dev/update-webkit-options' into mathstuf/next (5a07039) Merge branch 'dev/create-comm-dir' into mathstuf/next (d344c85) Merge branch 'dev/select-all' into mathstuf/next (de39c94) Merge branch 'dev/unique-bookmark-insertion' into mathstuf/next (05e8d58) Merge branch 'dev/per-site-settings' into mathstuf/next (69d6116) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/add-frozen-variable' into mathstuf/next (77b1d65) Merge branch 'mathstuf/dev/cleanup' into mathstuf/next (336812e) Add new WebKit2 variables from 2.1.1 (47968f8) Add more TODO items (668f5c9) Add a function to extract a string from JS (e173027) Simplify JS result juggling (714ae4f) Remove FIFO and socket at shutdown (2ac1c33) Ignore consumed keyboard modifiers (9f7dea2) Add a keybinding for toggling the frozen state (877c551) Change the color of a frozen page (039cfff) Add a 'frozen' state for uzbl (5fc4877) Update the title on variable events (e768bc7) Update the status bar on toggle as well (146dc1a) Set the first value in list for unset variables (32a26b9) Support suppressing events from custom setters (d9913c3) Explicitly list uzbl sources (1fe8843) Create the socket and fifo directories (eb85076) insecure (1ff6562) event docs (22e7663) Add a page_view_mode variable (2a118af) Rename the view_mode variable (eb29aff) Add an INSECURE_CONTENT event (59c4ce1) Escape single quotes for shell safety (1b26072) Normalize heading barriers (5386e0a) Add bindings for select-all and copy-selection (a5c00dc) Check the bookmark file for duplicates (751bcfa) Add directory support to pss (9381c27) Split out script argument parsing (9a61f99) Fix indentation tracking (7a3edae) Send the variable value as a string (fb5fd05) Add JS API for uzbl variables (9e57ecc) Add JS API for uzbl commands (f52c461) Move parse_command_file lower in commands.c (cd77e77) Move JS code into js.* (66dfbad) Free event strings in one place (f95dca0) Return JSON strings, not literals (df1f505) Rewrite the menu command (99820f5) Append the words (83c9edb) Add missing header (1f14c92) Check result for NULL before use (48b146f) Harmonize webkit1 and webkit2 zoom variables (73df1e5) Add support for getting the current search options (2051e7b) Rename zoom_type to zoom_text_only (4c1105f) Get the context once (a877c57) Minor style nits (48e3ac2) Fix argument splitting for commands (868413e) Add initial frame command (b681a43) Clean up COMMIT generation script (7353d60) Update default configs (900bfce) Unset search string and settings on "search reset" (a15510d) Simplify format handling in save command (81401b0) Add frame-level printing in hardcopy command (8749e66) Add various TODO items (af01675) Implement ssl_policy using choices in WebKit1 (a7a758c) Add a frame context for JS commands (8df9547) Avoid copying the command arguments (fa31e77) Add missing section comment (9b094cd) Reimplement stylesheet_uri variables as a command (a834826) Implement magic inject_* variables as a command (a725a50) Add support for security command to WebKit1 (231b4b7) Add support for favicon to WebKit1 (98109e8) Rename and add more subcommands to spell command (1abec21) Reimplement reload command (a6efb4d) Check the context from webkit (9e672d0) Avoid sync call on save command (20a76ce) Put functions in proper order (3a82744) Clean up the sync.h macros (56c0fa4) Release the result (9ae957e) Hide the UzblSyncData structure from sync callers (e43f7da) Don't return a static string (67aa9a1) Comment out app_cache_directory; seems broken (34125ec) Simplify SSL error handling (623150b) Free the last_result string (ca50533) Don't try to share memory between argument arrays (f3d9440) Keep track of initialization state (23234a7) Update variables which are now strings (7939a36) Update command calls in examples and plugins (2890f0c) Merge branch 'dev/script-cleanups' into mathstuf/dev/cleanup (7840283) Clean up command table (b59364a) Rename exec commands (66cb956) Fix command execution (689a972) Match braces so code folding isn't confused (a4802d1) Call the js command properly (0a31ccc) Watch the correct signal in WebKit2 (7d47fa2) Read the file contents into the right variable (f6d7e34) Simplify integer comparisons (2754e16) Add TODO items for WebKit2 (5feb8f2) Remove -pedantic flag from compilation (9e4e29a) Properly call the save async functions (e76187a) Implement @* uzbl js *@ expansion (7686d1a) Implement @/ uzbl command /@ expansion (5911285) Simplify variable expansion (48c63b4) Partially implement cookie_policy for WebKit2 (a1dfde7) Fix WebKit2 variables (8f670b6) Fix indentation (dece975) Output a message when a string is unrecognized (215f79b) Use strings for editing_behavior (1559247) Use strings for http_debug (1feddae) Implement WebKit2 variables which already existed (3316cf6) Add new variables available in WebKit2 (c26c5c8) Disable variables inaccessible in WebKit2 (2378127) Implement support for plugin_list in WebKit2 (15be945) Add code to call glib async functions as sync (430cad2) Comment out click context stuff in WebKit2 (54d8f40) Initialize the inspector before variables (236660f) The soup session is not accessible in WebKit2 (3d4913c) Get version information for WebKit2 (3a4a8da) Commentout soup.c in WebKit2 (6521a10) Return FALSE from the crash handler (fc968b1) Support WebKit2 with progress callback (9294137) Only free the event if non-NULL (cae6f13) Implement UI callbacks for WebKit2 (cfcb919) Implement navigation callbacks for WebKit2 (d3e2363) Add WebKit2 support for LINK_HOVER event (2a5012d) Add WebKit2 support to inspector.c code (ab2a5b1) Fix some style in inspector.c (659dd89) Simplify NULL check (bb5f43b) Add attach/detach inspector subcommands in WebKit2 (57cc671) Fix the snapshot command (d002129) Implement hardcopy for WebKit2 (c4896e5) Rewrite zoom_* commands (d71116b) Rewrite download support (e85430f) Add support for back/forward commands with WebKit2 (0d79941) Rewrite js command (7247705) Clean up argument management (42aea51) Implement security and dns commands for WebKit2 (f25201c) Reimplement search commands (c6a4e30) Implement cache and favicon commands for WebKit2 (19b8c3c) Fixes for the spell_checker command (8f3faeb) Disable unsupported content commands in WebKit2 (178d95d) Rewrite the cookie_* commands (5ab8296) Disable the auth command in WebKit2 (45d6ac5) Rewrite plugin command (b9e45e9) Setup *Only cookies properly (c85f5fb) Fix spawn_sh crash (8227738) More commands.* nits (2efb9fd) Fix setting name (bfb136b) Fix parser in the face of NULL (9298997) Use the proper check for HAVE_SNAPSHOT (f7d256d) Move default config parsing to main (768abd4) Simplify variable expansion logic a bit (62bfee3) Fix some memory leaks (ffb7c47) Free string variables (f3d9481) Mark '.' as a valid variable character (35f6c41) Fix XDG path ordering (5f22681) Rename internal status bar function (ed0c416) Remove newlines from input commands (9dff34d) Reorder gui functions (d75d566) Rename internal gui functions (0895ea0) Remove the webview from command functions (3e47d61) Hide executable-only function from the library (e5133ed) Fix initialization order (5ede183) Clean up some memory (30bb802) Duplicate all arguments (9c67ea6) Make js command functions private (a225b4f) Add exec-like command function (816dcc1) Remove constant parameter from internal function (28cc1a9) Add variables from webkit2-1.11.92 (73ce3b0) Add an event for the web view crashing (985b56a) Add support for WebKit2 snapshots (36660bb) Use strings for cookie policy (185c2ef) Clean up util.* (9626607) Clean up uzbl-core.* (930f708) Move string expansion to variables.* (21070dc) Move variable validation into variables.* (a8cef28) Move UZBL_UNUSED into util.h (0993ffc) Move update_title into gui.c (ef17a9e) Clean up header includes (ad09d6a) Remove need for LENGTH macro (e5df536) Various nits and fixes in variables.* (6a5d43b) Various nits in type.* (ec0bbcf) Various nits in status-bar.* (ed749d4) Various nits in soup.* (d745d3a) Various nits in menu.* (7c6ae9f) Various nits in io.* (154984b) Various nits and cleanups in inspector.* (229412f) Nits in config.h (38906d9) Various cleanups in gui.* (a11287a) Rework events on command execution (78a2135) Various nits and cleanups in events.* (0087942) Various nits in cookie-jar.* (ea5e7b1) Various nits in commands.* (beecfb7) Move append_escaped to events.c (b830627) Fix commands API usage (3847f52) Rename confusing function (3aa88ba) Clean up commands API and functions (e0a8c8e) Add send_event to command table (21b9e8b) Move public API functions higher in the file (daafb2a) Guard against invalid variables (ddf83e2) Prevent access on a 0-length string (a8fc437) Minor style nits (81e8b1a) Use macros for declare/implement of commands (783d8ae) Rename commands.c functions (3eeb684) Fix some property typos (5d4b064) Add minimum_logical_font_size variable (4901a58) Stylize g_object_get calls (952c963) Update choices variables (mostly just TODOs) (84eb770) Add an icon_name variable (d86e6d2) download (d2cc338) remove unused callback (a0a7f13) Updates for variables API changes (2d17e9f) Clean up remaining variable API functions (8ca9dbf) display commands (a3cf688) js command (ade1c34) content commands (b53c4e0) Remove obsolete commands (e8aaef1) Clean up magic variable functions (7d2644a) Clean up hacky variable functions (119856a) Clean up HTML5 database variable functions (8de13d3) Clean up feature variable functions (640a5bb) Clean up font size variable functions (6e5c759) Clean up font variable functions (77b1ad3) Clean up text variable functions (514c0b6) Cleanup form variable functions (7f10423) Clean up spellcheck variable functions (ca26539) Clean up image variable functions (9f72ef9) Clean up javascript variable functions (3a8b988) Clean up page variable functions (a9c08b2) Clean up inspector variable functions (c3dcf88) Clean up security variable functions (4feb20f) Clean up network variable functions (ad64608) Clean up free calls in gui.c (92f5e69) Clean up printing variable functions (ebcedca) Clean up customization variable functions (be61f2d) Clean up UI variable functions (5865b38) Clean up window variable functions (8db298c) Clean up handler variable functions (0f75e32) Clean up communication variable functions (a1047a3) Clean up the variable table (ecc72c0) Clean up variables API (639eb70) Clean up type.h (3c1d3dd) Clean up status-bar.* (05f88fa) Fix type of the command table (b793790) Fix type of the command table (c60109b) Clean up soup.* (bf60a64) Clean up io.* (fbb9164) Use USER_EVENT for user events (f2c2172) Clean up some sizeof uses (7071247) Clean up inspector.* (217cbb9) Clean up events.* (74426bc) Clean up cookie-jar.* (387e3a3) Read plugmode from the uzbl structure (ab8759d) Clean up event commands (5cde083) Clean up variable events (9dd856c) Clean up uzbl commands (b0ced69) Clean up execution commands (4bfa027) Clean up inspector command (7bbd09d) Clean up search commands (e930a5d) Clean up menu.h (22e9bce) Rename MenuItem to UzblMenuItem (ace2771) Clean up menu commands (3582f92) Clean up content commands (4784283) Clean up display commands (22af8b9) Builtins cleanup (9eab8b3) Clean up cookie commands (2b3b6b5) Clean up navigation commands (2d1f04b) Reorder includes (6b4f19b) Add file comment header (e61a191) Move struct to commands.c (e2f514b) Sort commands in the table (e0e0406) Rename builtin command table (433166c) Rename and stylize the builtin command functions (88f8f5a) Hide the implementation of UzblCommandInfo (a679738) Rename structures to have 'uzbl' in the name (67318d4) Include uzbl-core.h for the webkit header (cdedd0e) Rename the commands.h header guard (6931d8e) Include gui.h from commands.c for download_cb (c8284e8) Move command functions into commands.c (aec8919) Rename key to name (a8cbe86) Move command parsing/running to commands.c (b71e37b) Align the command table (73ed4b0) Rename no_split to split (2454b0f) Add newlines to debug messages (d6d0afb) Add TODO items (bb831da) Compute GDK magic numbers (bb8b956) Send the title with the hover uri (99bea02) Log about ignored downloads (bac19be) Clean up JavaScript URI handling (86b0192) Factor out stripping newlines (8eafb28) Define the context error case (0377200) Add some TODO items (39d4b87) Stylize scroll callbacks (396a2c7) Remove callback.* from the repository (3023f26) Move scroll events into gui.c (d6fddfe) Free the hit test result object (ddaa92c) Allow event management in populate_popup_cb (c80488d) Factor out image flag checks (1fc1238) Stylize UI events (529a84f) Move UI events to gui.c (9ec7f4e) Handle link targets with a _blank target (5d9ecfe) Stylize the navigation events (1b56574) Move navigation events to gui.c (589a8db) Check main_window for NULL before casting (266950e) Stylize set_window_property (d646436) Move set_window_property to gui.c (4dc9828) Stylize metadata callbacks (d824503) Move page metadata callbacks into gui.c (c229eb5) Add comments about middle click handling (e0e93aa) Factor out flag checks (3eef99a) Stylize mouse callbacks (5b27887) Move mouse callbacks into gui.c (2d5fbd1) Stylize window callbacks (859ca42) Move window callbacks to gui.c (692b63e) Stylize the keyboard callbacks (b1913cd) Move keyboard callback into gui.c (9ad9d0b) Group and label web_view signal connections (d0f0d02) Put spaces before function call arguments (be32411) Make object connection calls consistent (7fb1069) Stylize uzbl-core gui code (f5a6c90) Remove obvious comments (43b95e3) Move GUI code from uzbl-core.c into gui.c (c1f60af) Add a convenience uzbl_debug macro (5e041e5) Add a macro for using unused variables (f8a2d11) uzbl-tabbed: added autosave_session (ee71c38) fix a memory leak when opening a new window (c3b842f) don't open a window on new-window-policy-decision-requested (873b49f) Merge branch 'master' of (c681a85) Merge pull request #111 from Konubinix/master (2d38196) Small fix in the name of the event when the load finishes in the documentation. It is LOAD_FINISH and not LOAD_FINISHED. (e045274) Merge branch 'master' into dev/update-webkit-options (db5633d) add --config-file option to uzbl-tabbed (32caae7) Merge pull request #109 from veox/check-if-event-manager-running (a294653) Merge pull request #103 from mathstuf/dev/allow-local-settings (e8ff4ef) fix compile error for Webkit < 1.9 (e2c7685) check if uzbl-event-manager is running before starting new instance (8094ab2) Merge remote-tracking branch 'mathstuf/dev/update-webkit-options' into dev/update-webkit-options (9c22837) Merge pull request #106 from mhrheaume/master (77c5653) remove the PTR_MOVE event (3b9540b) Make returned elements iterable (f936877) Iterate over documents based on follow.js code (a93d3fe) Add uzbl to the hint div to avoid collisions (095af8f) Log errors from JavaScript scripts (1edf350) Fix escaping in (c63858c) Add a function to escape '@' for uzbl (f360427) Improve the formfiller script (328802c) Clean up the script (0a77ccb) Quote shell assignments (f399cd1) Use uzbl-util in (4d3349c) Use uzbl-util in (e7f75bc) Use uzbl-util in (50f5ea5) Use uzbl-util in (412abfa) Use uzbl-util in (977a380) Use uzbl-util in (9957838) Use uzbl-util in (0ed67da) Use uzbl-util in (56fdc08) Use uzbl-util in (99f276e) Use uzbl-util in (d970fed) Use uzbl-util in (276a812) Use uzbl-util in (4efb682) Add an uzbl-util util script (793f29f) Clean up JS scripts (4a6d486) Make python3 compatible. (fb0c8de) Add variables introduced in 1.11.2 (5d17aae) display the window before loading settings. (9cc6a56) fix context menu for webkit-gtk > 1.9.0 (6f962b8) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (da069c0) Merge pull request #105 from moorchegue/dev/tab_reordering (e0bc2f0) Merge pull request #102 from mathstuf/dev/fix-int-parsing (d0766b4) Merge pull request #101 from mathstuf/dev/fix-python-install (e39ae21) make javascript files that depend on the uzbl namespace object more modular (32540fe) Tab reordering urxvt-like key bindings. (e1c5f6c) Tab reordering events. (0f3a26f) Update tabbar on GTK-tabs reordering. (fdbed67) Use properties of the view properly (cccac14) Add a transparent variable (99fe296) Add maintain_history variable (957c1bb) Add spell_checker command (15a88c8) Add a view_mode variable (7372d04) Fix encoding variables (d6c6c49) Add finer control of the web inspector (39ecc00) Add an editable variable (f32f8e8) Add plugin-related features (fbe1894) Add remove_all_db command (e88e524) Add a cache model variable (5109df2) Add an unsigned long long variable type (8468a82) Use GObject wrappers for the soup_session as well (81c26d9) Style fixes (b8002dc) Sync with 1.11.1 settings (5692b9f) Fix inject_html for webkit2 (a912496) Add an inject_text variable (6eee11a) Add load/save commands (5cb704e) Update suggested filename for 1.9.90 (f087eae) Use strtol to parse integers (42e40d0) Add support for local settings (2ef5afd) Pass the prefix to the python installer (a6c04d5) Add the snapshot command (7293750) Update suggested filename accessing (3c3fd09) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (752df18) Merge remote-tracking branch 'mathstuf/dev/update-webkit-options' (a64e9b2) Merge pull request #98 from igoralmeida/random-fixes (462935b) Fix sandbox setup for uzbl-tabbed in Makefile (b2a1858) uzbl-tabbed: Fix method for NEW_BG_TAB event (fd96723) Add directory support to pss (a3b2c32) Split out script argument parsing (a84ffb7) Fix indentation tracking (c54d004) Expose webkit media settings (a3e623c) Remove unused parameters (33a22dd) Add comments with notes for the context callback (7f66d29) Get ready for new context menu APIs (b404c63) Expose the smooth scrolling option (9a872b9) use interpreted string in mode options if possible (8c41156) Merge remote-tracking branch 'keis/more-soup' into experimental (6290e0d) Merge remote-tracking branch 'keis/stale-em-socket-detection' into experimental (a634b56) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (a09f2ac) Merge remote-tracking branch 'mathstuf/dev/fix-toggle-var' (e61ac58) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (ecdb055) Merge commit '0867a81' (0b8d843) Merge remote-tracking branch 'keis/window-close-event' into experimental (1bce2f2) Merge branch 'experimental' (c84a54e) fix typo in (d469afd) detect stale sockets on init (9810f6c) Handle toggling variables which don't exist (e379c09) install-uzbl-core only needs uzbl-core, not all (0867a81) Fix autodetection without webkit2 or gtk3 (4f617c1) Merge branch 'dev/update-webkit-options' into experimental (39ab476) Merge branch 'experimental' (1bdee08) fix some typos in the documentation and new variable names (a21a900) Merge remote-tracking branch 'mathstuf/dev/update-webkit-options' into dev/update-webkit-options (978f5cc) make sandboxed event-manager work without hacks (5c3edb7) don't try to be clever about the python installation prefix (3f89dc7) add CLOSE_WINDOW event (0fe0c4e) Set the first party URI properly (b0c4116) Add a variable for detecting webkit2 (7ba0546) Prevent warnings with first-party cookies (0d26ff7) Allow for explicit version settings (d0fdcd4) Deprecate zoom_type in webkit2 (ad8923e) Clean up variable documentation (c9fc7a2) Add zoom-text-only option (9c6ad15) Add support for webkit2 (28e18e6) Update docs (7a13b50) Check for UZBL_PRIVATE before storing data (d9884ad) Set UZBL_PRIVATE envvar when browsing privately (2d5d9dc) Use the proper struct name (601de7d) Add configuration for cookie policies (7ff0e44) Add enable_webaudio option (d209325) Add documentation (010933b) Remove duplicate prototype (18b17c7) Work around incorrect documentation (d807a23) Use gdk_device_manager_get_client_pointer (5f1dc0d) We require 1.2.4 anyways (7b6367c) Sync webkit options with latest version (226911c) Tell webkit about the UA change (445fe11) Avoid a NULL dereference when setting the UA (4f4ca5f) Sort and categorize webkit options (8b0c5f5) Add static to file-local functions (da09288) Fix whitespace errors (tabs -> spaces) (f7e5fe9) Set the minimum version to 1.2.4 explicitly (411e301) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (08065a7) Merge remote-tracking branch 'dieterbe/master' into experimental (47fd576) Merge branch 'master' into python3-event-manager (a26f4cf) fix the cookies.txt whitespace staircase (391a7f3) Update HTTP Auth section of README (13d8666) add variable to toggle the builtin auth dialog (9b8a4e7) use asynchronous http auth (8531978) expose fine grained request events from soup (75519c2) move libsoup related stuff to soup.(h|c) (8c74d59) refactor plugin loading for testability (171cbe5) try to fix install of python stuff (9c1730c) pretty uid generator for binds (ca646a4) fix issue where a empty modcmd was displayed (a057b03) add a few more tests of Uzbl class (a1f8377) refactor network stuff from rest of em and put in new file (fef467e) remove some dead code in the event manager (dd4827b) decouple Listener and UzblEventDaemon (b2ee3af) run coverage with python3 (0e29f33) 2to3 on event manager and smaller fixes (c5c5b17) remove odd ascii function (b68ee81) a few tests of Uzbl class (9380599) a few tests of on_event plugin (823a9d4) refactor completion list formatting for easier testing (118e925) add basic tests of completion plugin (c3acbbd) add tests of mode plugin (b8ae4a1) create Argument instance from tuple (c6f87cd) pep8ify python tests (5c92feb) add tests of progress bar (25aa583) Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into experimental (3576099) Merge remote-tracking branch 'taylanub/experimental' into experimental (b470d32) Merge remote-tracking branch 'mathstuf/dev/add-absolute-scrolling' into experimental (9290d53) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (e2953a6) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (02ac954) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (1220f99) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (fe3af59) Merge remote-tracking branch 'dieterbe/master' into experimental (d004ae8) fix failing tests in arguments (54002ea) add a few em unit tests (717b31a) fix logger usage in keycmd (a580e31) treat keycmd as a unicode string (ab80b38) use sandbox event manager even when a installed exist (b9d6012) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (e855003) NEW COMMAND: 'toggle' (bf114c8) BREAKING CHANGE: remove toggle_zoom_type, toggle_status (7c6a05e) add toggle command (910a47f) A better binding for absolute horizontal scrolling (5485254) Check for the beginning of the page as well (1411c7d) Add absolute scrolling argument (6e8cdfb) Merge branch 'master' into experimental (c8b824c) Merge branch 'package-refactor' into experimental (e6d79cf) Merge remote-tracking branch 'dieterbe/experimental' into package-refactor (26cb1b8) don't hardcode python version in Makefile and (cc68a4b) Merge remote-tracking branch 'dieterbe/experimental' into package-refactor (88eff4d) add a few basic tests of bind and history plugins (0fcdaec) move python tests in tests directory (137d627) Migrated socket stuff to asyncore (5e1a0a4) add doctest runner (9573c15) unittest of cookie whitelist and blacklist (1f56459) fix error message in base plugin class (074ec5b) fix logger usage in cookies plugin (b8d5285) Removed old plugin stuff, fixed logger usage in plugins (04e3b20) Typo fixed (9279823) initial port of cookies plugin (9fd89d9) simple port of completion plugin (f1d4223) various formfiller fixes (cac945b) Implemented global plugins, ported history (bef8f43) search and replace port of (70816b5) refactor keylet to get clear separation (aab7a27) port of keycmd (2af5197) Make arguments inherit tuple (211410e) add doctest to arguments parser (dfe4660) cleanup progress bar building a bit (9839efe) refactor progress_bar to use new plugin system (fc4f610) Ported on_event plugin (9ba4599) Downloads plugin ported (d1d48a5) variable python executable in Makefile (273a816) port mode to a newstyle plugin (8c39502) Configuration module refactored to new plugin system (6eb346e) Merge remote-tracking branch 'keis/package-refactor' into package-refactor (9e3c6e7) Refactored on_set to export system replacement (99877f4) `cmd_expand` plugin now works using import instead of plugin hooks (4302e4a) add headers to modules for pydoc display (f26ba97) call to build + install python package (6649ffc) Refactored argument parsing out of core uzbl daemon (abe4a33) Uzbl daemon and plugins are refactored to a package (fec4ea1) scratch (da1bb57) use splitquoted in bulk of handlers (925ff10) add Arguments class that holds the event arguments (1cd5d92) pattern matching with on_event (1a8e96d)
Diffstat (limited to '.SRCINFO')
1 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
index a3db0eb57ed2..280ee0ce38c8 100644
--- a/.SRCINFO
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
pkgbase = uzbl-next-git
- pkgver = 2012.05.14.1250.g5ff0621
+ pkgver = 2012.05.14.1252.g95e26b8
pkgrel = 1
url =
arch = i686
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ pkgname = uzbl-browser-next-git
pkgdesc = A complete browser experience based on uzbl-core
install = uzbl.install
arch = any
- depends = uzbl-core-next-git=2012.05.14.1250.g5ff0621
+ depends = uzbl-core-next-git=2012.05.14.1252.g95e26b8
depends = desktop-file-utils
depends = python
depends = python2