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pkgbase = chromium-extension-privacybadger
pkgdesc = Block third party tracking in your browser
pkgver = 2020.6.29
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+ changelog = chromium-extension-privacybadger.changelog
arch = any
license = GPL3
depends = chromium
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pkgdesc="Block third party tracking in your browser"
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+Privacy Badger Release Notes
+## 2020.6.29
+* Added replacement placeholder for Disqus comments widgets
+* Fixed domain sliders on the options page not saving in some cases
+* Fixed slider changes on the options page resetting the list of domains,
+causing you to lose your place if you were scrolled down
+* Fixed domain slider tooltip display
+* Re-enabled custom tooltips in Firefox
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Esperanto, Hebrew, Ukrainian)
+## 2020.6.2
+* Added replacement placeholders for Facebook Comments/Video and Twitch Player
+* Removed Twitter link unwrapping. We are unable to unwrap links
+on Twitter at this time, as the original URL is no longer present
+in the Twitter website's document structure.
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Hebrew, Polish, Swedish)
+## 2020.5.12
+* Made buttons in the popup easier to see and click (or tap, on Firefox for
+* Added a replacement placeholder widget for Google reCAPTCHA
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German,
+Hebrew, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
+## 2020.2.19
+* Added website breakage warnings, shown in the popup when you block a domain
+known to break websites
+* Removed pixel cookie sharing detection pending security fixes
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, German,
+## 2020.1.13
+* Fixed bug that sometimes loses pre-trained data for new users
+* Fixed various site breakages
+## 2020.1.7.1
+* Added helpful text to popup on disabled sites
+* Fixed display issues in popup on smaller displays
+* Fixed Facebook link unwrapping on
+* Fixed some cookies getting incorrectly flagged as high entropy
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French,
+Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian)
+## 2019.11.18
+* Improved display of domains Privacy Badger hasn't yet learned to block
+* Fixed export/import of the WebRTC protection setting
+* Fixed certain YouTube ("video unavailable"), Vimeo ("Because of its privacy
+settings, this video cannot be played here"), and other video players
+by revising referrer protection for "cookieblocked" domains
+* Fixed various other site breakages
+* Added Korean translations
+* Improved translations (Finnish, French, Hebrew, Swedish)
+## 2019.10.28
+* Refreshed the popup with a higher-contrast look
+* Widget placeholders will no longer be applied for domains on the yellowlist.
+The value of widget placeholders is full blocking (best privacy) combined with
+a clear way to restore potentially useful blocked content (convenience).
+Mixing cookie blocking and placeholders doesn't actually improve privacy or
+convenience but does introduce various bugs.
+* Added a replacement placeholder for YouTube (disabled by default as
+is still on the yellowlist for now)
+* Added the Widget Replacement tab to the options page to manage widgets that
+do get blocked and replaced with Privacy Badger placeholders. Visit Widget
+Replacement to selectively disable placeholders. For example, you want social
+buttons out of your life completely.
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Added Hebrew translations
+* Improved translations (Italian, Russian, Ukrainian)
+## 2019.10.8
+* Fixed image/video thumbnails in Google search results
+* Fixed various other site breakages
+* Removed the green "0" tracker count badge.
+No need to draw attention when there is nothing to show.
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian)
+## 2019.9.23
+* Added helpful text to popup on special browser pages like the New Tab page
+* Fixed pixel cookie sharing detection being broken by First-Party Isolation
+in Firefox
+* Fixed major issues with Service Workers-powered sites like Gmail and Twitter
+* Fixed various other site breakages
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, French, Spanish, Swedish,
+Turkish, Ukrainian)
+## 2019.7.1
+* Added pixel cookie sharing detection. Privacy Badger now records
+tracking by images with querystrings that contain first-party cookie data.
+This catches Google Analytics.
+* Removed display of non-tracking domains from the popup by default.
+Hiding domains that Privacy Badger does not consider to be tracking
+should reduce self-inflicted Web breakage.
+* Enabled Facebook link unwrapping on
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Added Catalan translations
+* Improved translations (Bulgarian, Traditional Chinese, Persian,
+Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Swedish, Ukrainian)
+## 2019.2.19
+* Improved replacement widgets:
+ - Replaced the "play" icon with an "allow once" button to improve
+ accessibility and to make it more clear our widgets are interactive
+ - Made activation also activate any other widgets of the same type
+ - Updated the replacement for Vimeo to ignore background videos
+ - Set minimum dimensions to avoid becoming too small or hidden
+* Fixed various site breakages
+## 2019.1.30
+* Added replacement widgets for embedded Spotify, Streamable and Vimeo
+players. Privacy Badger can replace potentially useful third-party widgets
+with placeholders. This avoids on-by-default tracking while providing a clear
+way to restore the original widget on demand.
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Added Arabic and European Portuguese translations
+* Improved translations (Traditional Chinese, Czech, German, Persian, Swedish,
+## 2018.12.17
+* Fixed major Privacy Badger breakages in Chrome 72+
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish)
+## 2018.12.5
+* Added a Share button to the popup. This lets you easily copy and paste
+Badger's findings on any page.
+* Updated link protection to work on all Google Search country domains
+* Updated link protection on Facebook to remove the new "fbclid" tracking
+* Added support for enterprise/admin/group policy settings overrides. This
+lets administrators preconfigure Privacy Badger installations. For more
+information, please visit
+* Fixed various bugs with local storage protection for "cookieblocked" (slider
+set to "yellow") domains
+* Made the options page work better on small and on large displays
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish,
+German, Italian, Persian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish)
+## 2018.10.3.1
+* Fixed style problems with Google Search results
+* Fixed the setting to open results in new browser windows on Google Search
+## 2018.10.3
+* Added protection against outgoing link click tracking on Google Search,
+Google Docs and Google Hangouts
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Added Finnish translations
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese)
+## 2018.9.20
+* Added buttons to back up and restore the disabled sites list using
+Firefox/Google Sync. The new buttons live under the Manage Data tab
+on the options page.
+* Added saving of in-progress error reports so that you no longer lose
+your typing when you close the popup for whatever reason
+* Fixed popup layout problems when opened in the overflow menu in Firefox
+* Updated popup and options to use a higher resolution Badger logo on higher
+pixel density displays
+* Fixed problems with broken fonts and images on Google Docs
+* Improved translations (Traditional Chinese, French, German,
+Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
+## 2018.8.22
+* Added pre-trained tracker data for new Privacy Badger installations.
+Visit to learn more.
+* Added reset/clear tracker data buttons to the Manage Data options page tab
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Added Persian and Brazilian Portuguese translations
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Danish, Esperanto, French,
+German, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Spanish, Swedish)
+## 2018.8.1
+* Fixed security issues with HTML5 local storage tracking detection as well as
+SoundCloud widget replacement. Thanks again to Cure53 for discovering and
+reporting these vulnerabilities.
+* Improved Facebook link unwrapping; now enabled on the Facebook Onion domain
+* Improved translations (Italian, Norwegian Bokmål, Swedish, Ukrainian)
+## 2018.7.18.1
+* Added setting to disable sending Do Not Track to websites
+* Fixed security issue with link unwrapping on Facebook. Thanks to Cure53 for
+discovering and reporting this vulnerability.
+* Improved ordering of domain names in the popup and on the options page
+* Improved handling of disabled sites with wildcards
+* Added link replacement to user profiles on Twitter
+* Linked to EFF software privacy policy from the new user welcome page
+* Updated to latest dummy Google Tag Manager script from uBlock Origin
+to avoid "failed to redirect a network request" warnings in Chrome
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Dutch, Esperanto, German,
+Russian, Swedish, Turkish)
+## 2018.5.10
+* Added protection against outgoing link click tracking on Facebook
+* Updated WebRTC protection to revert to browser default (off) when disabled
+* Fixed popup in the Italian locale in Chrome
+* Updated to latest dummy Google Analytics script from uBlock Origin
+to avoid "failed to redirect a network request" warnings in Chrome
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Traditional Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto,
+French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian)
+## 2018.4.23
+* Fixed changes not being persisted for domains that appear after scrolling
+the tracking domains list on the options page
+* Improved tracking domains search on the options page
+* Fixed "can't access dead object" errors in Firefox
+* Fixed XML document rendering in Firefox
+* Updated WebRTC protection checkbox to become disabled when the setting is
+controlled by other extensions
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Esperanto,
+French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian)
+## 2018.4.10
+* Updated the new user welcome page. The redesigned page is mobile-friendly,
+accessible and already translated into several languages.
+* Fixed Do Not Track being checked sometimes in Private Browsing/Incognito
+windows. By default, Privacy Badger should not record anything in Incognito.
+* Added setting to allow learning in Private Browsing/Incognito windows
+* Fixed unwanted scrolling when switching tabs on the options page
+* Updated replacement icon for Google+
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Bulgarian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,
+Danish, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish,
+## 2018.3.21
+* Fixed Do Not Track not being recognized by sites that test for it by
+checking navigator.doNotTrack with JavaScript
+* Stopped signaling DNT on sites where Privacy Badger is disabled
+* Fixed popup in Private Browsing windows in Firefox
+* Fixed certain kinds of site breakages (such as visual issues with charts)
+not going away even after disabling Privacy Badger on the site
+* Updated to latest dummy Google Tag Manager script from uBlock Origin to
+avoid "failed to redirect a network request" warnings in Chrome
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Bulgarian, Traditional Chinese, German, Italian,
+## 2018.2.5
+* Added type/status filters to the tracking domains list on the options page
+* Reworked social widget replacement to avoid WebExtensions fingerprintability
+issue in Firefox
+* New translations (Turkish)
+* Improved translations (Danish, Esperanto, French, German, Polish, Swedish,
+## 2018.1.30
+* Removed the "unlimitedStorage" permission from the manifest
+* Changed the tracker count badge color from red to "Privacy Badger orange"
+## 2018.1.25
+* Added workaround to avoid Privacy Badger getting disabled as "Not from
+Chrome Web Store" in Chrome
+## 2018.1.22
+* Reduced amount of data stored as part of normal operation. Privacy Badger
+will no longer record (or check Do Not Track policies for) non-tracking
+domains. This should enable us to remove the "unlimitedStorage" permission
+with the next Badger update.
+* Improved tracker detection status summaries in popup and options
+* Added explanatory acknowledgement to Tracking Domains options page tab
+* Fixed file download dialog not showing when exporting user data in Firefox
+* Removed tutorial reminder link from popup when already on tutorial page
+* Removed "Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension" messages
+in Chrome and Opera
+* Fixed style issue with replacement social widgets
+* Fixed error reporting on pages where Privacy Badger has been disabled
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Bulgarian, Danish, Esperanto, French, German,
+Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian)
+## 2017.11.20
+* Disabled custom tooltips in Firefox to work around browser freezing issues
+* Added validation to the disabled sites form
+* Improved translations (Dutch, Esperanto and German)
+* Added Bulgarian and Polish translations
+## 2017.11.9
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (French, Serbian and Ukrainian)
+* Added Esperanto translation
+## 2017.10.25.1
+* Reverted manifest file change preventing upload to Chrome Web Store
+## 2017.10.25
+* Added Beta support for Firefox for Android
+* Updated popup to close after doing anything that reloads the page
+* Improved handling of long domain names
+* Improved tooltips
+* Restored canvas fingerprinting detection to Firefox
+* Fixed yellowlist updates not getting applied when importing Badger data
+* Updated to latest dummy Google Analytics script from uBlock Origin
+to avoid "failed to redirect a network request" warnings in Chrome
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Danish, French, German, Italian, Swedish)
+## 2017.9.12.1
+* Fixed build script issue that reintroduced major site breakages on Firefox
+## 2017.9.12
+* Fixed DNT policy checking for blocked domains
+* Fixed exporting large Badger datasets
+* Made progress on Firefox for Android compatibility
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved badge updating performance
+* Improved translations (Czech, Italian, Swedish, Ukrainian)
+* Added Danish translation
+## 2017.7.24
+* Added validation to yellowlist (f.k.a. "cookieblock list") updating
+* Removed faulty yellowlist domain removal logic, which, together with missing
+validation and serving a maintenance page instead of the actual
+yellowlist, resulted in major breakages all across the Web, something this
+update should prevent from happening ever again
+* Fixed various site breakages
+* Improved translations (Swedish)
+## 2017.6.13.1
+* Added workaround for validation issue preventing upload to Chrome Web Store
+* Fixed chrome.privacy-related exceptions in Firefox 54
+## 2017.6.13
+* Added automatic replacement of shortened tracking URLs with original
+unobfuscated URLs on
+* Added option to disable Do Not Track policy checking
+* Restricted DNT policy checking from sending cookies
+* Fixed tooltips for DNT-compliant domains in popup
+* Fixed localStorage tracking sometimes being attributed to unrelated domains
+* Improved translations (Swedish, Ukrainian)
+## 2017.5.9
+* Improved popup rendering
+* Added version number to popup
+* Restricted Do Not Track policy checking from being able to set cookies
+* Fixed several cookie parsing issues
+* Added workaround for Cloudflare security cookies
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Ukrainian)
+## 2017.4.19.1
+* Rework DNT policy rechecking to only happen during browsing. Eliminates
+needless rechecking of unlikely-to-be-visited-again domains. Should further
+mitigate CPU issues.
+* Fix DNT policies to only apply to specific domains they are posted on
+* New translations (Ukrainian)
+* Improved translations (Simplified Chinese, Italian)
+* Fix "trackers" link on popup and options pages
+* Fix broken site (
+## 2017.3.28
+* New Translations (Czech)
+* Translation Updates
+* Fix bug in DNT policy re-checking code
+* Rate limit DNT checking to one request per second
+* Fix issue with multiple DNT checks at once for a single domain
+* Fix cookieblock updating issue
+* Fix popup width issue
+* Fix DNT hash updating issue
+* Fix toggle switch issue
+* Automated tests now also run on Firefox
+* Other minor bugfixes and broken site fixes
+## 2017.3.22
+* AMO (Firefox) only release.
+* Fix cookie tracking detection in Firefox.
+## 2017.1.26.1
+* AMO only release
+* Fixes an error in the build scripts which reintroduced a firefox bug for AMO users
+## 2017.1.26
+* Huge speed improvements for settings import and on startup
+* Fixes no content blocking bug (firefox)
+* Several fixes for broken websites
+* Translations fixes
+* New Translation: Nordic
+* New Translation: Traditional Chineese (Taiwan)
+* New Translation: Serbian
+* Bugfix: Crash on browsers without WebRTC
+* Bugfix: narrow poup if icon is in the menu (firefox)
+* Bugfix: Import/Export now uses utf-8 and can handle non english character
+* Enhancement: Convert icons to SVG
+* Enhancement: Script surrogate for google analytics, gigya, and more...
+* KNOWN ISSUE: Chrome will now display a message "Not downloaded from chrome
+## 2016.12.15.1 (2.0.2)
+* BUGFIX: Chrome browsers no longer display privacy badger as (corrupted)
+* BUGFIX: Fixes lockup issue on some versions of firefox
+* BUGFIX: Fixes issue where privacy badger panel gets cut off
+* BUGFIX: Fixes a non implmeneted API in firefox which was causing numerous
+sites to break.
+* KNOWN ISSUE: Chrome will now display a message "Not downloaded from chrome
+store". This is a known side effect of a workaround for a different bug.
+## 2016.12.8.1 (2.0.1)
+* BUGFIX: Sanitize origin and action in popup
+## 2016.12.8 (2.0)
+* BUGFIX: Fix ublock origin warnings
+* BUGFIX: Remove need for download permission
+## 2016.12.7.2 (2.0RC1)
+* Huge speed improvements
+* Multiprocess Compatible (E10S) for firefox
+* Breaks many fewer websites
+* Many small bugfixes
+* Import and Export your data
+* Block WebRTC from leaking your IP address
+* Forget data in incognito mode
+* block html5 "ping" tracking
+* Translation fixes
+* (Developers) Firefox and Chrome versions now share one code base!
+## 2016.9.7 (1.13)
+* Add exceptions for multi domain first parties
+* Fix google drive download issue
+* Fix wikipedia login issue
+* Fix youtube comments and notifications issues
+* Several other broken site fixes
+* Hopefully a fix for the "corrupted extension" issue
+## 2016.8.29 (1.12)
+* UI Tweaks
+* Remove last adblock plus code
+* Feature: remove domains from list
+* Refactor incognito mode handling
+* Compatibile with firefox web extensions
+## 2016.5.24 (1.11)
+* Fix build error
+## 2016.5.23 (1.10)
+* Fix cookie block list adding bug
+* New migration to fix bug retroactively
+## 2016.5.16 (1.9)
+* Remove Adblock Plus Engine
+* Switch to using storage.js and chrome storage API
+* Massive refactoring of code
+* Huge speed improvements
+* Fixes bug where privacy badger "forgets" settings
+* Fixes first run tab opening on every startup
+* Fix waiting for privacy badger bug
+* Fix high CPU usage bug
+* Uses separate data store for incognito mode
+* Ads selenium test to run sweet
+* Fixes weird subdomain handling edge case
+* Fixes bug where pages stop loading sometimes
+## 2015.4.6 (1.8)
+* Fix "waiting for privacy badger bug"
+* Huge speed improvement
+## 2015.4.6 (1.7)
+* Fix crash when closing options page
+* Add EFF Donate Button
+* New popup to nag user to go through tutorial
+## 2015.3.2 (1.0.6)
+* New feature: Search within blocked domain list
+* Replace soundcloud widget with a click to play button
+* Misc. bug fixes and translation improvements
+## 2015.12.3 (1.0.4)
+* Lots of site bug fixes
+* Chinese Translation
+* Spanish Translation
+* italian translation
+* UI Overhaul
+* Update Swedish locale
+* Typo fixes
+* Numerous bug fixes
+* Added support for disabled sites with wildcards
+* Red badge now reflects the number of domains blocked or cookieblocked
+instead of all third parties.
+* Tooltips show full domain name
+## 2015.8.14 (1.0.1)
+* Fixes a bug where slider settings for a base domain wouldn't take effect
+* Fixes 'this extension is slowing down chrome' errors
+## 2015.8.5 (1.0)
+* 1.0 release
+* Bugfixes from 2015.7.24 (0.99)
+* Detects Canvas Fingerprinting
+* Detect Local Storage Supercookies
+* Improved UI
+* Options page for overriding privacy badger settings
+* Report Broken Site button
+* Many Bugfixes (see github)
+* Translations into swedish, french and german
+## 2015.7.24 (0.99)
+* Release candidate for version 1.0!
+## 2015.4.1
+* Miscellanious bugfixes
+* Improvements to heuristic
+## 2014.9.16
+* Adds lots of tests including selenium tests.
+* Adds lots of domains to the cookie block list.
+* Fixes bug with downloading cookie block list.
+* Fixes other minor stylistic bugs.
+## 2014.7.17
+* Created dialog to allow users to unblock certain third parties on certain
+* sites for addedd functionality. E.g. disqus comments, facebook comments, etc.
+* Added lots of domains to cookie block list.
+* do not show domains that do not appear to be trackers in the popup
+* added missing google+ button override