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+# Changelog
+## v0.18.0
+*Jan 11, 2021 *
+- Feature: Results summary and updated tag count (#496, #333)
+ - A search summary can be displayed that shows the overall result
+ count and to each custom field with a numeric type (number or
+ money) small statistics like sum, average and max/min values. This
+ is useful when you track your expenses on invoices or receipts.
+ - This additional ui element can be enabled/disabled in your ui
+ settings.
+ - The result summary is now also used to update the tag counts in
+ the search menu according to the current results.
+- Feature: password reset (#376,
+ [docs](
+ - Adds a new route for admins to reset the password of a user
+ - Admin users are those with access to the config file, the endpoint
+ requires to supply a secret from the config file.
+ - A bash script is provided for more convenient access.
+ - *Note this also moves the re-create index endpoint behind the same
+ secret!* See below.
+- Feature: custom fields clickable (#514)
+ - The item detail view allows to click on tags to quickly find all
+ tagged items. This now works for custom fields, too.
+- Feature: scroll independently (#541)
+ - The search menu can scroll now independent from the main area
+ containing the item cards.
+- Improvement: improve attachment selection (#396)
+ - When selecting an attachment, it shows its preview to the name
+ instead of the name only
+- Improvement: wildcard search for custom date fields (#550)
+ - Searching for custom field values allows to use a wildcard `*` at
+ beginning or end. This is also enabled for date-fields.
+- Improvement: joex memory (#509)
+ - Joex currently requires a lot of memory to hold the NLP models.
+ After idling for some time, which can be configured and defaults
+ to 15 min, the NLP model cache is cleared. This reduces memory
+ load and makes it possible for the JVM to give it back to the OS.
+ - This is supposed to relieve memory consumption when idling only.
+ However, whether it is reclaimed by the OS depends on the JVM and
+ its settings. To observe it early, use the G1GC garbage collector.
+ This is enabled by default for JDK11. So it is recommended to use
+ JDK11 (which is used in the docker images).
+- Improvement: allow scaling joex with docker-compose, thanks @bjeanes
+ (#552)
+ - This allows to easily start multiple joex containers via
+ `docker-compose`
+- Improvement: allow to connect with gmail via app specific passwords
+ (#520)
+ - Imap settings have been extended to be able to specify if a OAuth2
+ should be used or not.
+ - Before, OAuth2 was the default when the server has advertised it.
+ *This has been changed now, which means you need to adapt your
+ IMAP settings if you currently use OAuth2*
+- Fix: provide multiple possible date suggestions for English
+ documents (#561)
+- Fix: add missing language files to joex docker image (#525)
+- Fix: fix a bug that occurs when processing is restarted (i.e. after
+ a crash) (#530)
+- Fix: fix a bug in the ui where the mail connection field was not
+ correctly updated (#524)
+- Fix: fix bug when importing mails with an applied filter (#551)
+### Breaking Changes
+- Rest Server config:
+ - If you specify the `fulltext-search.recreate-key`, you need to
+ change your config. Delete it and use the secret now for the new
+ setting `admin-endpoint.secret`.
+- routes
+ - The route to drop and recreate the fulltext search index has been
+ moved. It is now at `/admin/fts/reIndexAll`. The secret must now
+ provided as http header and not in the url.
+- collective settings:
+ - The imap settings have a new flag which indicates whether OAuth2
+ auth mechanism should be prefered. This is `false` by default. If
+ you have used it with OAuth2 (like with gmail) you need either set
+ this flag to `true` manually or use an [application specific
+ password](
+### REST Api Changes
+- Rest Server:
+ - Move endpoint `/open/fts/reIndexAll/{id}` to
+ `/admin/fts/reIndexAll`. The secret must now be specified via an
+ http header `Docspell-Admin-Secret`.
+ - Add `/admin/user/resetPassword` which requires a http header
+ `Docspell-Admin-Secret` with a value from the config file.
+ - Add `/sec/item/searchStats` to return a search result summary
+ - Changes `ImapSettings` to include a `useOAuth` flag
+ - Remove `fileCount` from the `TagCloud` structure
+ - The return value for `/sec/item/searchStats` now contains all
+ tags, before tags with `count == 0` were excluded
+### Configuration Changes
+- Rest Server:
+ - adds `admin-endpoint.secret` (without any value) that is the
+ secret for the new "admin endpoint"
+ - Removes `full-text-search.recreate-key`, the route that was using
+ this key is now moved in the admin endpoint and therefore shares
+ this secret now.
+- Joex:
+ - adds `clear-stanford-nlp-interval = "15 minutes"` which is the
+ joex idle time to clear the nlp cache
+ - The default `pool-size` is set to 1. You can increase it on
+ stronger machines.
+## v0.17.1
+*Dec 15, 2020*
+An unfortunate bug has made it into the previous release that makes
+the webapp near unusable. Therefore this release, containing only the
+fix for #508.
+Sorry for the inconvenience!
+## v0.17.0
+*Dec 14, 2020*
+This release comes with some smaller features:
+- Feature: Remember-Me – another cookie is used to provide a
+ remember-me functionality. The cookie is checked against some value
+ in the database, so an admin can always make all remember-me cookies
+ invalid. (#435)
+- Feature: Link persons to organizations. In the address book, a
+ person can now be associated to an organzition. The dropdowns show a
+ little hint for which organization a person belongs to. Also
+ suggestions for persons are restricted to those of the organization
+ if that has been associated before. (#375)
+- Feature: Allow to filter on source names. The search form can now
+ search by a source name. The new field can be hidden via ui settings
+ (it must be activated for exising users). (#390)
+- Feature: Customize the title and subtitle of the item card in the
+ overview. You can now define patterns for the title and subtitle of
+ a card. (#429)
+- Feature: Export your data. A bash script has been added that goes
+ through your items and downloads them all to disk (including their
+ metadata!). This can be used to periodically backup the data in
+ docspell.
+- Improvement: The webui has been improved in that the search bar and
+ search form are unified regarding the text search. The two fields in
+ the form, allowing to search in names and fulltext, have been
+ combined into a single field just as the search bar. (#497)
+This is the last release for 2020. I had hoped to put more into this,
+but this time of the year is always a busy one ;-). I want to thank
+you for your support and interest in this project and I wish you all a
+joyful Christmas time!
+### REST Api Changes
+- The `Person` structure now takes a reference to the organization.
+- `ItemSearch` is extended with the `source` field.
+- `UserPass` is extended to include a `rememberMe` flag
+### Configuration Changes
+- Restserver:
+ - a `remember-me` section was added to the `auth` section
+- Joex:
+ - a `cleanup-remember-me` section was added to the house-keeping
+ tasks.
+## v0.16.0
+*Nov 28, 2020*
+This release brings the "custom metadata fields" feature. It allows
+you to define custom fields and associate values to your items.
+Additionally there are some ui and other fixes and improvements.
+- Feature: Custom Fields – define custom metadata fields an set values
+ for them on your items. For example, this can be used to track
+ invoice numbers, pagination stamps etc. Fields can be defined per
+ collective and carry a format (or type). (#41)
+- Feature: The language has been added to the metadata of an upload
+ request and therefore overrides the collective's default language.
+ This means you can now set the document language with each document.
+ (#350)
+- Feature: Show the currently logged in user and the collective in the
+ web app. (#329)
+- Feature: Tag categories are presented as a dropdown, where you can
+ choose an existing one or type a new one. (#331)
+- Feature: The dropdown fields for a person have been changed in that
+ the options are now restricted to the corresponding scope: the
+ correspondent person only shows persons *not* marked as concerning
+ and vice-versa. (#332)
+- Feature: Add CC and BCC recipients to item mail (#481)
+- The `` scripts was improved:
+ - log a warning for all subfolders that currently wouldn't work due
+ to configuration problems
+ - ignore hidden files on linux (starting with a dot `.`)
+ - include the parameter `skipDuplicates` into the upload request
+ when the `-m` option is present
+- Fixes a bug that prevented detecting dates in january (#480, thanks
+ @vanto!)
+- Fixes updating search view after changes like deleting item in
+ multi-edit mode or updating tags via drag-and-drop.
+The list of issues is
+### REST Api Changes
+- `ItemSearch` is extended to allow searching for custom field values
+- `/sec/item/{id}/customfield` route to set values for custom fields
+- `/sec/item/{id}/customfield/{fieldId}` route to delete values for
+ custom fields on an item
+- `/sec/items/customfield`, `/sec/items/customfieldremove` routes to
+ set/remove custom field values for multiple items
+- `/sec/customfield` routes to manage custom fields
+- A lanugage field has been added to `ItemUploadMeta` and
+ `ScanMailboxSettings`
+- Added `cc` and `bcc` fields to `SimpleMail`
+### Configuration Changes
+## v0.15.0
+*Nov 15, 2020*
+This release adds the "preview feature", where a thumbnail of the
+first page of each attachment can be shown in the overview. Additional
+there are some bugfixes and UI improvements.
+- Feature: create a thumbnail of every file. The scale factor can be
+ configured in the config file. The user can choose in the ui, what
+ size to display and whether to display it or not. (#327)
+- Feature: Display the number of pages in the overview (#325)
+- Feature: Extend the upload request to allow to specify a file filter
+ and a list of tags (#346, #385):
+ - file filter: this is a glob that selects files when an archive
+ file (a zip or e-mail file) is uploaded
+ - tag list: allows to specify a list of tags that are automatically
+ set on the item that is being created
+ - these two settings are added to the scan-mailbox form and the
+ source-form
+- Feature: Filter mails to import by subject (#384)
+- Feature: Add quick links to item-detail and overview to jump to a
+ specific search view; e.g. click on correspondent takes you to the
+ overview with this correspondent selected in the search menu (#355)
+- Improved css assets (#349)
+ - Moved from [Semantic-UI]( to
+ [Fomantic-UI](, which is an actively
+ maintained fork of the former
+ - Removed the request to obtain a google font. Now you can use
+ docspell without hassle in environments without internet
+ connection
+ - jquery could be dropped as a js dependency
+ - This is a foundation for adding/changing themes eventually.
+- Improved ui for multi select mode when selecting items
+- Fix a bug when creating new scan-mailbox settings (#382)
+- Fix a build issue that resulted in missing scripts in the tools zip
+ file.
+- Fix a bug that added the `.pdf` extension twice. The filename can
+ now be defined in the config file. (#397)
+### REST Api Changes
+- New endpoints for getting/re-generating preview images:
+ - `sec/item/{id}/preview`
+ - `sec/attachment/{id}/preview`
+ - `sec/collective/previews` to re-generate all previews of a
+ collective
+- Changes in data structures:
+ - `ScanMailboxSettings` adds a list of tags, a file- and subject
+ filter
+ - `ItemUploadMeta` adds a list of tags and a file filter
+ - `SourceList` now contains the `Source` and its associated `Tag`s
+ - `Source` has an additional file filter
+ - new `SourceTagIn` structure to use when updating/adding sources
+ - Renamed `concEquip` to `concEquipment` in `ItemLight`
+ - `ItemLight` has an additional `attachments` list containing basic
+ infos about the associated attachments
+### Configuration Change
+- Joex: `….extraction.preview.dpi` to specify the dpi to use when
+ creating the thumbnail. Higher value results in better quality
+ images, but also larger ones
+- Joex: `….convert.converted-filename-part` to specify the part that
+ is used for the pdf-converted file
+## v0.14.0
+*Nov 1st, 2020*
+This release contains many bug fixes, thank you all so much for
+helping out! There is also a new feature and some more scripts in
+- Edit/delete multiple items at once (#253, #412)
+- Show/hide side menus via ui settings (#351)
+- Adds two more scripts to the `tools/` section (thanks to
+ @totti4ever):
+ - one script to import data from paperless (#358, #359), and
+ - a script to check clean a directory from files that are already in
+ docspell (#403)
+- Extend docker image to use newest ocrmypdf version (#393, thanks
+ @totti4ever)
+- Fix bug that would stop processing when pdf conversion fails (#392,
+ #387)
+- Fix bug to have a separate, configurable source identifier for the
+ integration upload endpoint (#389)
+- Fixes ui bug to not highlight the last viewed item when searching
+ again. (#373)
+- Fixes bug when saving multiple changes to the ui settings (#368)
+- Fixes uniqueness check for equipments (#370)
+- Fixes a bug when doing document classification where user input was
+ not correctly escaped for regexes (#356)
+- Fixes debian packages to have both (joex + restserver) the same user
+ to make H2 work (#336)
+- Fixes a bug when searching with multiple tags using MariaDB (#404)
+### REST Api Changes
+- Routes for managing multiple items:
+ - `/sec/items/deleteAll`
+ - `/sec/items/tags`
+ - `/sec/items/tagsremove`
+ - `/sec/items/name`
+ - `/sec/items/folder`
+ - `/sec/items/direction`
+ - `/sec/items/date`
+ - `/sec/items/duedate`
+ - `/sec/items/corrOrg`
+ - `/sec/items/corrPerson`
+ - `/sec/items/concPerson`
+ - `/sec/items/concEquipment`
+ - `/sec/items/confirm`
+ - `/sec/items/unconfirm`
+ - `/sec/items/reprocess`
+- Adds another parameter to `ItemSearch` structure to enable searching
+ in a subset of items giving their ids.
+### Configuration Changes
+- new setting `….integration-endpoint.source-name` to define the
+ source name for files uploaded through this endpoint
+## v0.13.0
+*Oct 19, 2020*
+This release contains bugfixes.
+- Improvements to the docker setup: application can be build from any
+ version. Thanks to @totti4ever.
+ - This change required breaking changes in the `docker-compose.yml`
+ file. Please update your `docker-compose.yml` to the new version.
+ - The image tags changed:
+ - the `-latest` is now upper case, `-LATEST`
+ - tagged releases include the version prefixed with a `v`, like in
+ `-v0.13.0`
+ - there are new `-SNAPSHOT` images that are build from the current
+ master branch. *Please note that snapshot versions may not be
+ compatible with each other!*
+- The date extraction tried to create invalid dates (#298)
+- Fixed order of job log entries that was undefined if entries were
+ written very fast
+- Fix `content` column for MariaDB (#297)
+- Fixe regarding retrying processing of files: attached files were not
+ correctly found and the duplicate check must not run
+- When "home-page" is rendered, do an initial search. This updates the
+ view correctly if something changed when coming from item details.
+- Reset upload page on init (#294)
+- Fixes regarding `base-url` setting and auth cookie (#308)
+- Fixes in openapi spec (#338, #343)
+- Fixed error messages for modal dialogs (tag/organization/person) (#341)
+### REST Api Changes
+- No changes, besides some fixes to urls in the spec to be constistent
+ to the app.
+### Configuration Changes
+- No changes.
+## v0.12.0
+*Sep 28, 2020*
+Thanks to a lot of great input from users, this release fixes
+annoyances in the ui.
+- Improve startup experience wrt the `base-url` setting. Docspell now
+ uses request headers to determine absolute urls if this setting is
+ unchanged. (#250)
+- Fixes scrolling issues when going from detail to list view and vice
+ versa. (#254)
+- Fix quick search component to keep search term between changes.
+ (#261)
+- Docspell now provides a valid manifest to be an installable "pwa".
+- Fixes `` script to work with whitespace in filenames.
+ (#269)
+- Fix hidden fields feature. Hidden fields are now resetted when
+ clicking *Confirm*. (#256)
+- Improve *Save Name* in item detail: The save button is removed and
+ changes are saved while typing. (#255)
+- Add keyboard shortcuts in item detail for navigating and
+ confirm/unconfirm. (#225)
+- Detect duplicate files server side. The processing task is now able
+ to detect duplicate files to skip them if desired. The ui has a new
+ checkbox when uploading. (#252)
+- Improve view of many attachments to an item: The tab menu is
+ replaced by a dropdown menu that allows to change attachments also
+ on small screens and/or when there are many attachments.
+### Configuration Changes
+- No changes to default config values.
+### REST Api Changes
+- Amend `ItemUploadMeta` with a `skipDuplicates` flag for ignoring
+ duplicate files on processing.
+## v0.11.1
+*Sep 09, 2020*
+This is a bugfix release. The full-text-index requires a schema
+upgrade for the added language that got lost in the previous release.
+## v0.11.0
+*Sep 07, 2020*
+This release didn't change much on the surface, but contains a lot of
+improvements for processing files.
+- Improves the recognition of correspondents and people in the
+ documents. Until now, the analyser didn't know about the existing
+ organizations/people of a collective. Now this data is given to the
+ analyser as input which results in a higher accuracy when finding
+ matches. This may result in high memory usage depending on the size
+ of the collective data and therefore can be disabled in the config
+ file.
+- Adds text classification. Docspell can now learn from your existing
+ tagged items. Given a tag category, a statistical model is created
+ from your existing documents and used to predict a tag (of that
+ category) for new documents. Creating this model may need a lot of
+ memory and therefore text classification can be disabled globally
+ via the config file. Additionally each collective can enable/disable
+ it. Learning is done periodically via a user-task that can be
+ configured in the collective settings.
+- Adds the language french, supported for text extraction and text
+ analysis.
+- Fixes some build failures that produced artifcats with source files.
+- Change the job priority of any waiting job from the *Processing*
+ page.
+- Serving static asset files gzipped, to reduce bandwidth
+### Configuration Changes
+- New settings in `joex.analysis.regex-ner`, `….classification` and
+ `….working-dir` for the classifier and NER feature.
+- New setting in `` to hide/show
+ the classifier settings on the *Collective Settings* page. If
+ classification is disabled globally (i.e. from all joex instances),
+ the feature can be hidden from the users.
+### REST Api Changes
+- `/sec/collective/classifier/startonce` to start the learning task
+ separately from the schedule.
+- `/sec/queue/{id}/priority` for setting a new priority of a job (only
+ for jobs in waiting state)
+- The `CollectiveSettings` object is amended with a new
+ `ClassifierSetting` object.
+## v0.10.0
+*Aug 15, 2020*
+- Lots of web ui improvements:
+ - Rework the search menu for [tags and
+ folders](
+ The dropdown field is removed for tags and folders. They are
+ represented as a list and items can be cycled through to be
+ included/excluded or deselected. It is possible to use
+ drag-and-drop to associate tags to items and put items into
+ folders.
+ - Rework page that displays sources; allow to copy the urls and add
+ a qr code
+ - Add item notes to the cards in the list view, can be configured if
+ it is shown or not (#186, #201)
+ - Improve how the item notes are displayed in the item detail view
+ (#186, #192)
+ - Fix the *Load more…* button
+ - Allow to search by tag categories (#203)
+ - Allow to edit metadata in item detail view. Until now it was only
+ possible to add new metadata (#205)
+ - Do not cover the whole screen with the metadata modal dialog, only
+ the menu is now covered so that it is possible to select text from
+ the document (#205)
+ - Allow to hide some fields from the menus. What fields to display
+ can be configured in the ui settings (#195)
+- Implemented some routes that were specified in the openapi, but have
+ not been implemented so far
+- Fix source upload routes where it didn't check whether a source is
+ enabled or not. Further checks are now done as first step to not
+ upload the file into memory for nothing if something fails (e.g. the
+ source doesn't exist)
+- Re-process files. A
+ [route](
+ has been added that submits files for re-processing. It is possible
+ to re-process some files of an item or all. There is no UI for this
+ for now. You'd need to run `curl` or something manually to trigger
+ it. It will replace all extracted metadata of the *files*,but
+ doesn't touch the metadata of the item. (#206)
+- Add a task to convert all pdfs using the
+ [OCRMyPdf]( tool that can be
+ used in docspell since the last release. This task converts all your
+ existing PDFs into a PDF/A type pdf including the OCR-ed text layer.
+ There is no UI to trigger this task, but a
+ [script]( is
+ provided to help with it. (#206)
+- There is now an [Android Client
+ App]( to conveniently
+ upload files from your android devices
+### Configuration Changes
+- New setting `docspell.server.max-note-length` to specify how much of
+ the item notes should be transeferred with each search result.
+### REST Api Changes
+- Added `/sec/collective/tagcloud` to return all used tags of a
+ collective. This is the same as returned from the `insights` route,
+ but without all the other data.
+- Added `/sec/item/convertallpdfs` to trigger a task for converting
+ all currently unconverted pdfs
+- Added `/sec/item/{id}/taglink` for associating tags given by name or
+ id
+- Added `/sec/item/{id}/tagtoggle` for toggling tags given by name or
+ id
+- Added `/sec/item/{id}/reprocess` for submitting an item for being
+ re-processed
+## v0.9.0
+*Aug 1st, 2020*
+- New feature: folders. Users can create folders and put items into
+ them. Folders can have members (users of the collective) and search
+ results are restricted to items that are in no folder or in a folder
+ where current user is a member. (see #21)
+- Folders can be given to the upload request.
+- Add ocrmypdf utility to convert pdf->pdf with ocr-ed text layer.
+- Extract PDF metadata and use the *keywords* to search for tags and
+ apply them to the item during processing. (See #175)
+- Fix duplicate results when doing fulltext only searches
+- Several small bug fixes and improvements in the UI
+ - Fix position of datepicker (see #186)
+ - Fix race condition when updating calendar-event field
+ - Sort tags by count in collective-insights view
+ - Simplify search bar
+- New website
+### Configuration Changes
+- Joex: add a section `docspell.joex.convert.ocrmypdf` for configuring
+ the ocrmypdf tool.
+- Joex: change default value of `….extraction.pdf.min-text-len` from
+ 10 to 500.
+### REST Api Changes
+- Add `/sec/folder/*` routes for managing folders.
+- Add `/sec/item/{id}/folder` for updating an item folder.
+- Change `ItemSearch` structure to be able to search for items in a
+ specific folder.
+- Change `ItemDetail` and `ItemLight` structure, adding the item folder
+- Change `ItemUploadMeta` structure, adding a folder id field.
+- Change `Source` structure, adding a folder id field.
+- Change `User` structure, adding the user id
+## v0.8.0
+*June 29, 2020*
+- Adds the [full-text
+ search](
+ feature (see #69). It requires a separate
+ [Solr]( instance. Items can be
+ searched by documents contents and item/file names. It is possible
+ to use full-text search to further confine the results via the
+ search menu.
+- Fixes column types for item date and due-date for MariaDB (see #158)
+ and adds an upper limit for due-dates (which is configurable).
+- Fixes a bug when cancelling jobs. Stuck jobs were only removed from
+ the queue, but their cancel routine was not called.
+- Changes in cancelling process-item jobs: the item will still be
+ created and not removed.
+- Fixes a bug where items could not be deleted if there were sent
+ mails attached.
+- Fixes the openapi spec for the joex component. This made the
+ generated live documentation unusable.
+- Changes to the `` script:
+ - Allow to recursively watch or traverse directories
+ - Allow it to work with the integration endpoint. This allows using
+ `` for all collectives.
+- The docker setup now starts a solr container automatically and
+ configures the consumedir container to use the integration endpoint.
+ It is still necessary to define an environment variable.
+### Configuration Changes
+- Set new default for `docspell.server.max-item-page-size` to `200`.
+- New `full-text-search` section for restserver and joex.
+### REST Api Changes
+- Add `/open/fts/reIndexAll/{key}` to re-index the full-text search
+ index. The `key` must be defined in the config file, so only admins
+ can execute this.
+- Add `/sec/fts/reIndex` to allow a collective to re-index their data
+ only.
+- Add `/open/integration/checkfile/{id}/{checksum}` to check whether a
+ file is in docspell via the integration endpoint.
+- Add `/sec/item/searchIndex` to allow searching the full-text index
+ only. This route returns the results as ordered by SOLR and not
+ ordered by date.
+- The `ItemSearch` input data is extended to support the new full-text
+ search field.
+- The `ItemLight` result structure now can contain "highlighting"
+ information that is provided by the full-text search index.
+## v0.7.0
+*June 17, 2020*
+- Document integration endpoint and add a `GET` route to check it.
+- Add webui settings for the user. These settings only apply to the
+ web client and are stored in the browser's local storage.
+- Enable paging in the item list view. The page size can be set in the
+ new client settings. If the number of results is equal to this size,
+ a button at the end of the page allows to load more.
+- The item list now contains all tags of an item.
+- The tag colors can be customized in the client settings. A color per
+ tag *category* can be defined.
+- New meta data (tags, correspondents, concerned entities) can be
+ created directly in the item detail view (see #138). No need to
+ navigate away to the *Manage Data* page.
+- Fixes a bug in the dropdown widgets that would present items that
+ have already been selected.
+- Allow to have multiple notify-due-items tasks.
+- New *simple search* feature: The list view now appears without the
+ search menu by default. A search bar is shown instead that allows to
+ search in item name and notes and in names of correspondents and
+ concerned entities. The search menu can be opened as before. The
+ *name* search field now only searches in item names (as before
+ 0.3.0), i.e. it doesn't search item notes anymore, which is now
+ possible with the *allNames* search field.
+- Fixes a bug where a search term was not lower-cased but compared to
+ a lower-cased value (see #147).
+- Allow to change names of attachments.
+- Document how to create a SMTP gateway to docspell and provide a
+ simple docker based setup. This is a SMTP server that delivers mails
+ to docspell instead of using a mbox or maildir. It utilises the
+ integration endpoint.
+### Configuration Changes
+- Add `docspell.server.max-item-page-size` for a hard limit of the
+ page size when fetching items.
+- Changed default value of
+ `docspell.server.integration-endpoint.allowed-ips.enabled` to
+ `false`.
+- Add `docspell.server.backend.mail-debug` to allow debug mail related
+ problems.
+### REST Api Changes
+- Add `GET /open/integration/item/{id}` to allow checking the
+ integration endpoint.
+- Change all routes to update item properties (name, tags, direction,
+ corrOrg, corrPerson, concPerson, concEquipment, notes, date,
+ duedate) from `POST` to `PUT`.
+- Add corresponding `POST` routes to create and update meta data in
+ one call. This is only applicable: corrOrg, corrPerson, tags,
+ concPerson, concEquipment.
+- Add `POST /sec/attachment/{id}/name` to change the name of an
+ attachment.
+- Change `/sec/usertask/notifydueitems` to return a list of
+ notification settings.
+- Change the `POST` route to `/sec/usertask/notifydueitems` to only
+ create new notification tasks.
+- Add a `PUT` route to `/sec/usertask/notifydueitems` to update
+ existing notification tasks.
+- Add a `GET` and `DELETE` route to
+ `/sec/usertask/notifydueitems/{id}` to retrieve or delete a specific
+ notification task.
+- The `ItemSearch` structure is extended to allow specifying `offset`
+ and `limit` for paging (which is required now). It also has an
+ optional property `allNames` to provide the search term for the new
+ *simple search* feature.
+- The `ItemLight` structure has now a list of tags.
+## v0.6.0
+*May 25th, 2020*
+- New feature "Scan Mailboxes". Docspell can now read mailboxes
+ periodically to import your mails.
+- New feature "Integration Endpoint". Allows an admin to upload files
+ to any collective using a separate endpoint.
+- New feature: add files to existing items.
+- New feature: reorder attachments via drag and drop.
+- The document list on the front-page has been rewritten. The table is
+ removed and documents are now presented in a “card view”.
+- Amend the mail-to-pdf conversion to include the e-mail date.
+- When processing e-mails, set the item date automatically from the
+ received-date in the mail.
+- Fixes regarding character encodings when reading e-mails.
+- Fix the `find-by-checksum` route that, given a sha256 checksum,
+ returns whether there is such a file in docspell. It falsely
+ returned `false` although documents existed.
+- Fix webapp for mobile devices.
+- Fix the search menu to remember dates in fields. When going back
+ from an item detail to the front-page, the search menu remembers the
+ last state, but dates were cleared.
+- Fix redirecting `/` only to `/app`.
+### Configuration Changes
+The joex and rest-server component have new config sections:
+- Add `docspell.joex.mail-debug` flag to enable debugging e-mail
+ related code. This is only useful if you encounter problems
+ connecting to mail servers.
+- Add `docspell.joex.user-tasks` with a `scan-mailbox` section to
+ configure the new scan-mailbox user task.
+- Add `docspell.joex.files` section that is the same as the
+ corresponding section in the rest server config.
+- Add `docspell.server.integration-endpoint` with sub-sections to
+ configure an endpoint for uploading files for admin users.
+### REST Api Changes
+- Change `/sec/email/settings` to `/sec/email/settings/smtp`
+- Add `/sec/email/settings/imap`
+- Add `/sec/usertask/scanmailbox` routes to configure one or more
+ scan-mailbox tasks
+- The data used in `/sec/collective/settings` was extended with a
+ boolean value to enable/disable the "integration endpoint" for a
+ collective.
+- Add `/sec/item/{itemId}/attachment/movebefore` to move an attachment
+ before another.
+## v0.5.0
+*May 1st, 2020*
+- Allow to delete attachments of an item.
+- Allow to be notified via e-mail for items with a due date. This uses
+ the periodic-task framework introduced in the last release.
+- Fix issues when converting HTML with unkown links. This especially
+ happens with e-mails that contain images to attachments.
+- Fix various issues when importing e-mail files, for example:
+ - fixes encoding problems for mails without explicit transfer encoding
+ - add meta info (from, to, subject) to the converted pdf document
+ - clean html mails to remove unwanted content (like javascript)
+- Fix classpath issue with javax.mail vs jakarta.mail
+### Configuration Changes
+The Joex component has config changes:
+- A new section `send-mail` containing a `List-Id` e-mail header to
+ use. Use an empty string (the default) to avoid setting such header.
+ This header is only applied for notification mails.
+## v0.4.0
+*Mar. 29, 2020*
+- Support for archive files. Archives, for example zip files, contain
+ the files that should go into docspell. Docspell now extracts
+ archives and adds the content to an item. The extraction process is
+ recursive, so there may be zip files in zip files. File types
+ supported:
+ - `zip` every file inside is added to one item as attachment
+ - `eml` (RCF822 E-Mail files) E-mails are considered archives, since
+ they may contain multiple files (body and attachments).
+- Periodic Tasks framework: Docspell can now run tasks periodically
+ based on a schedule. This is not yet exposed to the user, but there
+ are some system cleanup jobs to start with.
+- Improvement of the text analysis. For my test files there was a
+ increase in accuracy by about 10%.
+- A due date that is found during text analysis is now set on the
+ item. If multiple due dates are found, the earliest one is used.
+- Allow to switch between viewerjs PDF viewer or the browser's builtin
+ viewer.
+- Bug fixes related to handling text files.
+- Add a configurable length limit for text analysis
+### Configuration Changes
+The configuration of the joex component has been changed.
+- new section `docspell.joex.periodic-scheduler` for configuring the
+ periodic scheduler
+- new section `` for configuring
+ house-keeping tasks
+- new section `docspell.joex.text-analysis` for configuring the new
+ size limit
+- The command for running `wkhtmltopdf` changed in that the encoding
+ is now added at runtime.
+### REST Api Changes
+The REST Api has some additions:
+- new route to retrieve the archive file
+- add field in `ItemDetail` data that refers to the archive files of
+ the attachments
+## v0.3.0
+*Mar. 1, 2020*
+- Support for many more document types has been added (including
+ images and office documents). All input files are converted into PDF
+ files (the original file is preserved).
+- PDF Text extraction improved by omitting OCR if text can be
+ stripped.
+- There is a new PDF viewer (utilizing viewerjs) that also works in
+ mobile browsers.
+- Improve editing notes: Since notes may evolve, there is now a larger
+ edit form and a markdown preview.
+- Show the extracted information (text, labels, proposals) of an
+ attachment in the Webui.
+- The name search now also searches in item notes.
+- Bug fixed where it was possible to create invalid input when
+ creating new sources.
+- Bug fixed where the item menu was not properly initialized for
+ equipments.
+- The `` script has now an option to check a file for existence
+ in docspell.
+### Configuration Changes
+The configuration of the joex component has been changed.
+- removed `docspell.joex.extraction.allowed-content-types`
+- other settings in `docspell.joex.extraction` have been moved to
+ `docspell.joex.extraction.ocr`
+- added `docspell.joex.extraction.ocr.max-image-size`
+- added `docspell.joex.extraction.pdf.min-text-len`
+- added sections in `docspell.joex.convert` for pdf conversion
+ settings
+### REST Api Changes
+The REST Api has some additions:
+- new route to retrieve the original file
+- new route to get the rendered pdf of an attachment (using viewerjs)
+- add field in `ItemDetail` data that refers to the original files of
+ the attachments
+## v0.2.0
+*Jan. 12, 2020*
+The second release of Docspell addresses some annoying issues in the
+UI and adds a "send by email" feature.
+- Send an item and its attachments via E-Mail (requires to setup SMTP
+ settings per user)
+- Add a search field for meta data
+- The item detail view is now a perma-link
+- New endpoints to check whether a file is in Docspell by using their
+ SHA-256 checksum (see the api doc here and here), the scripts in
+ tools/ now use this endpoint to skip existing files
+- Better support multiple attachments with long names in the UI
+- Fixes textarea updating issues
+## v0.1.0
+*Sep. 21, 2019*
+The initial release of Docspell containing the basic features with a
+Web UI:
+- Create items by uploading PDF files
+- Analyze the PDF files and propose meta data
+- Manage meta data and items
+- View processing queue
diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
index 867aef7de25..6273e37f2e1 100644
--- a/.SRCINFO
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -1,23 +1,24 @@
pkgbase = docspell
pkgdesc = Assists in organizing your piles of documents, resulting from scanners, e-mails and other sources with miminal effort.
- pkgver = 0.17.1
+ pkgver = 0.18.0
pkgrel = 1
url =
+ changelog = .CHANGELOG
arch = any
groups = docspell
license = GPL3
depends = java-runtime-headless
optdepends = solr: provide fulltext search
- source =
- source =
+ source =
+ source =
source =
source =
source = docspell-joex.service
source = docspell-restserver.service
source = docspell.sysusers
source = docspell.tmpfiles
- sha512sums = 1d3aa21a3a8d1230027596671501c02ca41af4ffb6b7547f34a4a7388e082ddd9cb94cc7a1bd50dbed2f806330166b278c7617e56b35473fc8814d77bc4fd91b
- sha512sums = 5d87581933834e7a0fcd450e197bab2f4a7ce218d16aed80a871615d4b4df57ee89649be40a13b513b40e69200d525533c2d4162e0b3f2563277885751fc4ace
+ sha512sums = 7c56b72970d85be635fe47098f917a9c1356b788c59c5abbdeb60eb065bad856b0b7066a5adcc4ccc6c37a837090a7bf558ce8ab9beca94ad04688127fceb4d1
+ sha512sums = 56172c3d0da239280b48c5b4e3356283ed9f6edcf5e70ad9ac7e9be78de203142e53ceb8abd6a9320e4694ca18d88f4875cd82c7d39bf4549d4d2323147daddf
sha512sums = 6ab8b24eb76f02b68e4fa4194b8771ef4f57c8375b34bf7bf914563528e347ea127beb5547e432910911d4fd15982cccdd1df50aeb76058129b909824ce49093
sha512sums = 0b8b08f47f1cb46a3bfc16df4b0574cebfb4a851562d134fcba3c4bf80fb011443499a549c3a04480456c048346d09f36fbcbc9d792810001c9c8b370d3926a8
sha512sums = f63f0fa58715b7da01aa265a7bec72eb24f0e98c354eed479b6034bc33b2ccdaef87db8a7630af1d5a6ac43fadf11a0f0a3fb3de5e183aa64d838a69b67125f9
diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 34d0a56fd1f..5628b1cfded 100644
@@ -3,8 +3,9 @@
pkgname=('docspell-joex' 'docspell-restserver')
pkgdesc="Assists in organizing your piles of documents, resulting from scanners, e-mails and other sources with miminal effort."
@@ -20,8 +21,8 @@ source=("$pkgbase-$$pkgbase/rele
- '5d87581933834e7a0fcd450e197bab2f4a7ce218d16aed80a871615d4b4df57ee89649be40a13b513b40e69200d525533c2d4162e0b3f2563277885751fc4ace'
+ '56172c3d0da239280b48c5b4e3356283ed9f6edcf5e70ad9ac7e9be78de203142e53ceb8abd6a9320e4694ca18d88f4875cd82c7d39bf4549d4d2323147daddf'