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committerStefan Husmann2016-09-29 19:12:40 +0200
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Updated version (1.0.0.beta.269.gfbcb962 -> 1.0.0.beta.270.g5706cd4).
Changelog ========= Closes #101, Closes #102: REPL history file location is customizable (5706cd4) Minor cleanup in slynk.lisp (fbcb962) Closes #97: Don't `pop-to-buffer` to inferior lisp buffer (d1d5b04) Fix some fallout from previous commit (f26b690) Closes #100: starting sly programatically also probes `sly-lisp-implementations` (5e57bff) * .gitignore: Ignore ABCL uncompressed FASLs (Closes #99) (669ca36) Closes #98: Fix jumping to frame source on ABCL (0e2f6b1) Make variations on M-x sly easier to use (2e2e82d) Merge branch 'slime-catchup-2.19' (e9e6636) Improve source location handling for ACL >= 10.0 (63d11ed) * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (call-with-debugging-environment): Use core:*stack-top-hint* (bc8a6a7) * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (frame-locals): list function arguments. (dcc39d2) * swank/abcl.lisp: import mop:slot-makunbound-using-class into swank-mop. (c575c34) method-specializers-for-inspect: handle methods without a GF on SBCL. (2751b94) sbcl: be more careful with SB-C::META-INFO (5654113) Add SLYNK-BACKEND:BOOLEAN-TO-FEATURE-EXPRESSION (f5be76f) Fix typo. (6c7f739) * slynk/sbcl.lisp (describe-symbol-for-emacs): Adjust for new SBCL, (sb-int:info :setf :inverse) is no longer present. (9d581ba) * swank.lisp (xref-doit): translate :sets to who-sets. (8264bd7) Bind common-lisp-hyperspec-glossary-term to C-c C-d C-g (8773d06) Fix #288 by implementing glossary term lookup. (7bdd7f4) * slynk/slynk-source-path-parser.lisp (sexp-in-bounds-p): Don't fall victim to dotted lists and atoms. (b61eb1a) * swank/clasp.lisp: remove tags support, no longer used. (c10f52a) * swank/clasp.lisp (frame-source-location): Properly locate functions by calling SOURCE-LOCATION. (54201d2) * contrib/slynk-fancy-inspector.lisp (inspect-type-specifier): (sb-int:info :type :expander symbol) not always returns a list. Also print an empty lambda-list as () not NIL. (00fb7c8) * contrib/slynk-fancy-inspector.lisp (inspect-type-specifier): Avoid calling (sb-int:info :type :translator) as it now produces a style-warning, guard it through #., not just with swank-sbcl::sbcl-version>=. (b00326b) Closes #96: *sly-description* behaves like other popup buffers (37c16d5) Rename links after github account rename to 'joaotavora' (2dcaeed) Closes #87: Don't let apparently uninterned symbols break completion (4a0a826) Discourage sly-stickers-replay from reusing the same window (023db50) Printing circular lists lead to infinite looping (0a73d69) Be more informative about matching backreferences in REPL (0769cb2) Play nice with extensions using deprecated sly-fuzzy-completions (249975a) Interface tweaks for *sly-completions* buffer (79c4c1e) Closes #81: Display glitch in *sly-completions* buffer (d38f72e) Use UTF-8 in the REPL (7fbef14) Consolidate API for printing values to SLY (e8b2970) Fix misc sly-stickers UI problems (8fecb7d) In xref buffers [return] and mouse-1 also trigger default action (cbc16e0) * contrib/slynk-stickers.lisp (search-for-recording): Prevent errors when no recordings. (6252cd4) Continue working on the sly-sticker-replay UI (751039a) Shoosh a compilation warning (ca26b9f) Rework the UI of `sly-stickers-replay' (2fb7851) Fix a big error in the last commit (4a75531) Safer loading of contribs on the Emacs side as well (c812214) Try harder, but not too hard, to support Emacs 24.3 (a3fecf0) Update (49cdb90) Must require 'cl-lib everywhere it is used (379a817) Refactor a useful macro out of contrib/sly-trace-dialog.el into new lib/sly-common.el (798da2c) Try to make it still work with Emacs 24.3 (don't use pcase) (7364d66) Load contribs more robustly (780bac6) Shoosh some compilation warnings on emacs 25.1 (be7ee27) Rewrite "Completion" section in the manual (ca5758a) Batch-testing the completion-at-point machinery needs special tricks (0f036a8) Add tests for the new completion machinery (92be21c) Fix bug popping up frames when *sly-completions* is active (8572c69) Redesign completion around Emacs's completion-at-point-functions (fc5a8de) New SLYNK-API:EXCLUDED-FROM-SEARCHES-P (a7ed441) Tweaks to SLY-specific "temp" message logic (37f096f) Dont create images/images subdirs in gh-pages branch (46bc9cc) Fix documentation bugs (0965048) When printing evaluation results in a lisp buffer, comment resulting region (daaf826) Replace *FORMAT-INTEGER-FUNCTIONS* with *ECHO-NUMBER-ALIST* and *PRESENT-NUMBER-ALIST* (c9054d2) Add new *SLYNK:FORMAT-INTEGER-FUNCTIONS* customization option (9fd7472) Release 1.0.0-beta-2 (b2e8e2d) Fix a bug showing notes with emacs format directives. (47f4f83) Fix sly-autodoc (via sly-parse) in specific REPL points (e923db7) Shoosh the "Malformed/misplaced interactive spec" miswarning (ead2144) Correctly report `sly-autodoc' teardown (adadc9c) More correctly fix sly-autodoc failure in REPL (7b0f442) Revert "Fix a sly-autodoc error in the REPL" (0423f8b) Fix a sly-autodoc error in the REPL (24cbb1c) More informative messages from `sly-package-fu' contrib (a30711a) Closes #77: C-c I at REPL prompt start won't error gratuitously (2f41edb) Allow ignoring case (1d8855c) Add optional ENV argument to SLYNK:MACROEXPAND-ALL (558c10a) Closes #65: properly implement string-trimming in GUESS-READER-STATE (8ac6fe5) Revert "Closes #65: make SBCL source parsing a tiny bit less brittle" (560ee82) Correct inferior lisp buffer calculation (3695223) Be a little more lenient when compiling SLYNK on SBCL (3792c17) Closes #65: make SBCL source parsing a tiny bit less brittle (762b53a) Rename *inferior-lisp* buffers according to connection (ba8724a) Don't try to reinitialize an existing inferior lisp (a0aa2f8) Reader conditions inside reader conditions don't work so well (6148258) Merge branch 'slime-catchup-2.16' (f0a5148) Update (a1c14f8) Disable CMUCL tests, they error most often with false negatives (cd2dec9) ccl: fix tracing of complex function specs (9078996) Fix indentation (6eb8cdb) Minor review of the macroexpansion documentation (8e48ad9) * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (feature-in-list-p): Don't fall on :host-feature. (318af02) * swank/clasp.lisp (source-location): clasp now uses the same method for c-function source location as for lisp functions. (a25493c) Don't abort on errors when using "slynk-loader.lisp" (676477d) SBCL 1.3.1 doesn't have :translator info anymore (f35f16f) Fix the indentation of several EMACS-INSPECT methods (58d856e) Robustify the indentation cache request handler (b2763ef) * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (sigio-handler): run handlers with interrupts enabled. (1386f2e) Redo PACKAGE-LOCAL-NICKNAMES interface and implemetnation (e9f2c99) Complete symbols in locally-nicknamed packages (5038e24) Fix an error for older SBCL's in the previous SBCL-related commit (ae57ed2) Deal with SBCL's sb-c::comma-expr (7e4397d) * slynk/slynk-loader.lisp (*architecture-features*): Add :arm64. (b90def3) * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (print-frame): Print arguments on newer Clasp versions. (13e6fda) Avoid problem when printing errors to REPL (670f775) Closes #63: work around it at least until Emacs fixes it (0add869) Minor tweak to sexp discovery in lisp-mode buffers (8a7268d) Closes #71: On SBCL, don't fret so much about SLYNK compilation warnings (247c412) Create trace dialog for the current connection (c347ea3) Closes #72: correctly move between sexps in the REPL (d06317b) Export some SLYNK-BACKEND functions for easier contrib development (341fde6) Friendlier macroexpansion with visual feedback (8533961) Closes #70: Allow multi-line return values in REPL. (5e8b20a) Closes #69: Correctly set +, ++ and +++ in the REPL (ecf318f) Fix unintentional region deactivation in REPL (8496df4) Closes #64: Fix regular isearch in the REPL (5ec1b93) Closes #67: Fix backreference reader in REPL (a272699) Closes #68: Revert back to LF in sly.el, obviously (c94d854) Closes #62: Add significant whitespace to summary line (e4daf54) Properly reset undo history on every REPL prompt (66103b6) Fix `sly-fuzzy' tests on recent Emacs builds (f626aad) Make breaking stickers play nice with other SLY-DB add-ons (e2f77d1) Fix dependencies for ASDF systems (5f3b04e) Also bind `return' to `sly-mrepl-insert-input' (6444228) * lib/sly-tests.el (sly-batch-test): increase timeout to 30 seconds (3ddd015) Fix sly-indentation-tests (3e860fc) Fix a bug when flashing compiled defun (4afc6be) Resolve compiler warnings on Emacs 24.5 (227dc89) Fix problems with the IGNORE-STICKER restart (19a21bf) Tweak REPL message when errors happen (c29b7a0) Be less bothersome to user in `sly-connect' (840c05b) Fix contrib enable/disable logic (6547413) Tweak sly-mrepl and sly-parse contribs (f48f61b) Revise contrib code (08f10c8) <return>, not just C-m, also pushes any button (0cf7a43) Merge pull request #58 from PuercoPop/plataforms-docs (5bb79ee) Update supported plataforms (7a2ce83) Reduce size of doc/images/*.png (b389f43) Can now be loaded alongside SLIME (4b5a398) * Makefile (check-fancy): Must use sly-setup here (0a1e6ee) Fix compilation failures and some warnings (a191cd6) Downcase macroexpansions by default (9832e24) No longer call sly-setup at the top level (e8b10c3) Educated guess of the Lisp executable on M-x sly (d0d233d) Closes #56: Make sly-xref not raise an error when not implemented (dbc04d6) Closes #56: nicer messages when `sly-eval-async' fails continuations (8e8044e) More work restructuring the manual (870c643) Friendlier M-x sly-info with section autocomplete (60be6f8) Start restructuring manual (03f32f4) Closes #34: don't query supertypes for every overlay in buffer (d5491ef) Add docstrings for issue #56 (a22eab6) Much improved "SLY Stickers" manual, with screenshots (60dc5c9) * doc/Makefile (publish): publish images, too (0d42df8) Closes #54: require `cl' at compile-time in sly-stickers (e8cb53a) Add "Stickers" menu for discovering the new `sly-stickers' functionality (3f2df7d) Greatly improve breaking stickers (75c6c72) Closes #55: clean up typo in sly.el comment (111db3a) Fix a display bug when using breaking stickers (1e65be0) Improve breaking stickers (cb531bb) New command `sly-forget-pending-events' (136608a) Introduce break-on-stickers (783b7bb) Fix some sticker recording replay bugs (dae00cd) Redesign the way sticker recordings are inspected and returned to REPL (46ba10c) Fetching most recent recoding of a sticker, not the oldest (b422819) Fix looping around when replaying recordings (050f532) Fix a docstring (3bbb745) Improve backreference highlighting (b7bddf1) Merge branch 'sticker-overhaul' (d6502e1) Improve usability of `sly-stickers-replay' (7199d8a) Misc tweaks for compilation notes (9eb7b0b) Improve debugger prompt consistency in REPL (fe4f565) Pretty up replay interface (36be34d) Minor sly-stickers tweaks, in preparation for overhaul (94c8c91) Update (1d1eb86) * swank/source-path-parser.lisp (make-source-recorder): Fix handling of recursive calls to macros producing the same forms. e.g. #+(and) (a) (a7aac63) slynk-c-p-c: fix LOOP warning (7aad1af) slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp: make use of the newly provided form number for top-level forms. (dea85ae) * slynk/source-path-parser.lisp (skip-whitespace): ignore EOF, there may no non-whitespace characters left. (6b237a0) * sly.el (sly-format-string-expand): When there's no string at point, or with prefix arg,read a string from the minibuffer. (sly-string-at-point): Return nil when no sexp there. (950868b) fix autoload spec of the ‘hyperspec-lookup’ function (c2f04ad) Use *READ-SUPPRESS* more often while searching source locations. (d5db18e) * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (print-frame): Print function names, not function objects. (4b4bb74) slynk/backend/ccl.lisp: fix handling traced and setf functions (b0f41fd) * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (definition-source-file-location): Stop errors from source-path-parser from producing no locations at all. (adea0de) * slynk/slynk.lisp (*pre-reply-hook*): Don't add sync-indentation-to-emacs on CLASP, it takes too much time. (263f99b) * slynk/backend/clasp.lisp (assert-source-directory): Uses the SYS logical host, not SRC. (8928d8f) Update slynk/slynk-loader.lisp (7161bc2) changes to clasp slynk implementation (54adb4a) Update (b18c60a) Work around SBCL 1.2.12's SB-EXT:RESTRICT-COMPILER-POLICY (73333e0) slynk-c-p-c: take a better guess at symbol case (1c5b2c7) * sly.el (sly-xref-mode-map): Bind . and , for compatibility. (c7504bc) Adapta Attila Lendvais suggestion (d9c7f0e) * slynk/backend/abcl.lisp (frame-locals frame-var-value): Fix off by one errors in inspecting arguments across stack frames. Attempt to match arguments to parameters recorded at compile time. (91980eb) * contrib/slynk-fancy-inspector.lisp (inspect-type-specifier): Adapt for newer SBCL. Patch by Douglas Katzman. (8e34f05) * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (*definition-types*): Add new type, :alien-type. (5f6125f) * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (*definition-types*): Add new type, :declaration. (276699e) * slynk/backend/sbcl.lisp (*definition-types*): Add a new type, :ir1-convert. SBCL now handles def-ir1-translator location differently. (97f8533) format-values-for-echo-area: Protect ~f with ignore-errors. (61eada5) * slynk.lisp (format-values-for-echo-area): Present float representation of ratios, i.e. 1/2 will be "=> 1/2 (0.5)" (e0d1133) Export *BUFFER-READTABLE* for contribs that need to set it (591883d) Avoid compiler warning (162c0a4) Fix some of the REPL backreferences (e1b985e) Fix typos (bb20754) Update and (02cff31) Merge branch 'named-readtables' (92af001) Turning off sly-autodoc now works (1296ab7) Move sly-named-readtables to separate repo (ab17d9e) Fix minor issues (e586b0d) Cosmetic tweaks (e829cff) Named readtables prototype implementation (ab1a94c) Experimenting and broken (10388a9) Hook sly-named-readtables to sly-extra-mode-line-constructs (ca2c8af) Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into named-readtables (df28cc5) Start work on a sly-named-readtables contrib (816a5c8) Enhance SLY's mode line with pretty colors (6a389ee) Add machinery for fine-grained control over SLY -> Slynk communication (e98cc8a) Update in preparation for next beta release (cbd8c8e) There's no need to switch buffers when restarting Lisp (10ac41a) Fix indenting in REPL (d4177d9) Fix a bug when quitting the thread list (940cbf7) Allow some robustness when untracing (163b494) Protect against packageless symbols (ae46ec7) Left in a typo (da91105) Fix a rather nastly bug in REPL environment saving (6faa430) Fix a REPL-finding bug when multiple connections (3be6e15) Simplify a bit of sly-autodoc (1e2e8a5) Fix a small connection prompting bug (9bee4af) Fix autodoc/autopairing in REPL (bf30c2a) Don't prompt when killing SLY-DBs of dead connections (02e7d79) Return frame vars from SLY-DB buffers to correct REPL (3d67431) Source travis installer from safer location (fa476d3) Fix a sly-apropos bug in recent enhacements for #53 (aa68000) Fix a couple of spurious "swank" references coming from cherry-picked commits (411def7) M-- sly-apropos prompts for just the package (f13a5bf) Add arglist info in apropos output (97ddad7) Fix a bug in last commit for issue #53. (9eff1a3) Closes #53: default sly-apropos allows searching all packages (ff5ac8f) In REPL, don't autopair input parens to previously output parens (c980df0) Slightly robustify against zombie connections (b0f8cc4) Closes #51: Cannot quit the thread list buffer (0e1558d) Closes #48: Disable `view-read-only` for popup buffers. (9d9ec2d) Let user ignore protocol mismatches per connection (d4360c3) Add an ENV arg to `sly-timer-call' and `sly-eval-async' (2336c59) Closes #49: sly-inspect-fetch-all now actually does something (afe9539) Restore some previous behaviour xref navigation (5810558) Preparatory refactoring for REPL enhacements (eabbd29) Fix REPL "evaluation errored" note (671ad4d) Closes #47: Make sly-xref-mode more user-friendly (cdaadb4) * slynk/slynk.lisp: Remove broken local variables section. (c2386d4) Update "Tips and Tricks" section in the manual (99e58f4) Closes #46: Correct doc for SLYNK-MREPL:*USE-DEDICATED-OUTPUT-STREAM* (3518d58) Closes #45: synch mREPL notes to process mark, not output mark (f5f7f02) Closes #43: don't use keyword package for struct names (eaa887c) Closes #42: sly-retro no longer breaks on long lists (ac14f7b) Remove hack for #1 (86e96a5) Closes #40: Robustify `sly-mrepl-shortcut' slightly (26b6bbe) Shoosh some compiler warnings (adbb81f) Less errors when finding source locations on Allegro (a24eee4) Closes #39: Tearing down a reverse-isearch errors (938b3c9) Fix minor mREPL glitch (f1be650) Closes #38: Provide sly-mrepl-output-filter-functions for REPL output (b5be63b) Merge pull request #37 from PuercoPop/mrepl-docs (a3aae10) Add keymap information on mrepl to the manual (aa48bb7) Closes #36: Modify sly-doc-map keybindings (4137a25) Merge pull request #35 from PuercoPop/master (49805ec) Update keymap documentation (170fe0a) Fix protocol bug when *translating-swank-to-slynk* is t (e199af5) Minimize effect of bug in Allegro's frame source locations (e21fc07) Fix occasional `sly-protocol-version' mishap on windows (933c09b) Update (ad37d17)
2 files changed, 3 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
index 82a35d236b2..3ecdc186862 100644
--- a/.SRCINFO
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
# Generated by mksrcinfo v8
-# Mon Aug 29 18:16:38 UTC 2016
+# Thu Sep 29 17:12:39 UTC 2016
pkgbase = emacs-sly-git
pkgdesc = Common Lisp IDE for Emacs. Fork of slime.
- pkgver = 1.0.0.beta.269.gfbcb962
+ pkgver = 1.0.0.beta.270.g5706cd4
pkgrel = 1
url =
arch = any
diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index a48662c65a0..916b3568d9c 100644
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
# Maintainer: Stefan Husmann <>
pkgdesc="Common Lisp IDE for Emacs. Fork of slime."