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# Maintainer: Ben Alex <>
-# Using GitHub as upstream URL instead of IBController, as GitHub has lots of docs on usage to assist users.
pkgdesc='Manages headless Interactive Brokers IB Gateway instances'
depends=(ib-tws xorg-server-xvfb xorg-server gtk2 libxrender libxtst gsettings-desktop-schemas ttf-dejavu)
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+IBController AUR
+Source and documentation for the
+AUR package [ib-controller](
+This allows you to control [Interactive Brokers](
+[Trader Workstation](
+This package depends on Trader Workstation having been installed via AUR package
+[ib-tws]( It installs a custom build
+of IBController and a headless
+[systemd]( configuration that supports
+multiple concurrent IB Gateway instances while addressing usual security needs.
+To start IBController and the IB Gateway it manages, create an INI file in
+``/etc/ibcontroller`` and use systemd commands such as:
+sudo systemctl start ibcontroller@ininame.service
+sudo systemctl enable ibcontroller@ininame.service
+The aforementioned ``ininame`` should be the simple name of an ``/etc/ibcontroller``
+INI file. For example, use ``ibcontroller@fdemo.service`` for the included
+[financial advisor sample INI file](package/fdemo.ini),
+or ``ibcontroller@edemo.service`` for the included
+[individual user sample INI file](package/edemo.ini). Both sample INI files can
+be used concurrently, as they bind to unique ports. Please refer to the
+[IBController]( documentation for
+the meaning of individual INI configuration settings.
+Please note future updates to this package may change the sample INI files to
+reflect new configuration defaults. You should create your own
+INI file(s) rather than editing one of the shipped INI files. Similarly the
+systemd configuration file may be changed in future updates.
+If you'd like to monitor your IBController is running and IB API is available,
+[Monit]( is recommended. It's easily installed with
+``sudo pacman -S monit``. Edit the ``/etc/monitrc`` file and add lines like:
+set daemon 60
+set mailserver
+set alert not on { instance, action }
+check process ib-api-fdemo matching 'xvfb.*java.*fdemo.ini'
+ start program = "/usr/sbin/systemctl start ibcontroller@fdemo.service"
+ stop program = "/usr/sbin/systemctl stop ibcontroller@fdemo.service"
+ if failed host port 4002
+ send "63\0x0071\0x001\0x005556\0x00" # clientVer\startAPI\startApiVer\5556
+ expect "[0-9]{2,}" # serverVer reply
+ send "49\0x001\0x00" # reqCurrTime\reqCurrTimeVer
+ expect "49" # serverTime reply
+ then restart
+In the above:
+* The ``daemon`` statement causes service monitoring every 60 seconds.
+* The ``matching`` regular expression detects the ``fdemo.ini`` IBController
+ process. Monit will then report additional statistics in the Monit interface
+ (eg CPU/RAM use) plus detect if the process is not running.
+* The ``if failed host`` check on port ``4002`` performs an IB API connection
+ handshake and requests the server time. This offers confidence IB API is
+ running.
+* The ``restart`` directive will both restart the service and send an email if
+ there is any issue detected.
+Don't forget you'll need to start Monit after editing the ``/etc/monitrc``:
+sudo systemctl start monit
+sudo systemctl enable monit
+You can use [http://localhost:2812/](http://localhost:2812/) (default username
+``admin``, password ``monit``) to access the Monit GUI.
+Always ensure the ``/etc/ibcontroller`` INI files are only readable by ``root``,
+as they contain your IB credentials. If you require additional credential safety
+you may like to consider the IBController ``PasswordEncrypted`` option, however
+it is easily decrypted and therefore not used in the sample files.
+There is no mechanism to use IB hardware security tokens with the systemd
+configuration. This is due to the systemd configuration using a virtual
+framebuffer, so there is no mechanism by which hardware challenges can be
+presented. If you have a hardware token, you can disable it for trading system
+access via IB Account Management. Alternately you may like to create a new user
+account under your IB account which has trading access but no hardware token.
+Only is trusted by the resulting IB Gateway instance. Port forwarding
+(eg iptables, SSH tunneling) is suggested if other IP addresses are required.
+Build and Test
+If you'd like to try out changes to the package, these commands offer a start:
+cd package
+rm -rf pkg src *.xz *.gz && makepkg -f
+namcap -m *.xz
+sudo pacman -U *.xz
+sudo systemctl daemon-reload
+sudo systemctl start ibcontroller@fdemo.service
+sudo systemctl status ibcontroller@fdemo.service
+sudo systemctl stop ibcontroller@fdemo.service
+rm -f *.gz && mkaurball
+burp -c daemons *.gz