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+pkgbase = minecraft
+ pkgdesc = Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons. Or something like that...
+ pkgver = latest
+ pkgrel = 20
+ url =
+ install = minecraft.install
+ arch = any
+ license = custom
+ depends = java-runtime
+ depends = xorg-server-utils
+ depends = openal
+ noextract = minecraft.jar
+ source = minecraft
+ source =
+ source = minecraft.desktop
+ source = minecraft.png
+ source = minecraft.install
+ source = LICENSE
+ md5sums = e528cb2b833cac204bdefd2a46687fe3
+ md5sums = 85273e24404cc6865805f951487b8a1e
+ md5sums = dad9b69540dac246ced70b98f07e8e08
+ md5sums = b2c25797bf513a5ee215dd90b4b828e3
+ md5sums = 30f8fd3deb598757bb21bac3c1c55110
+ md5sums = b82eddf7100b63e2fc52e53028327589
+pkgname = minecraft
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+# Terms of Use
+## What You Get For Purchasing
+When you purchase Minecraft you do so as is, be it in the early stages of development or already fully released. Subsequent updates are only an added bonus and not a guarantee, as icing on a cake. Purchases during the development of the game are discounted and include the full game upon release.
+As we at Mojang strive towards releasing updates for our projects we cannot guarantee that any project will ever be completed and/or provided support for. There's always the risk of a project being discontinued at any time.
+## The One Major Rule
+Do not distribute anything we've made. This includes, but not limited to, the client or the server software for the game. This also includes modified versions of anything we've made. Also, you may not resell any gift codes or licence keys - but of course you can give gift codes as gifts. This is necessary so that we can help stop piracy and fraud - and especially users buying keys that have been fraudulently obtained.
+In order to ensure integrity of the game, we need all game downloads to come from a single central source: us. We hope you understand. It's also important for us that 3rd party tools/services don't seem "too official" as we can't guarantee their quality. Make sure to read through our brand guidelines. If you wish to make something pertaining to anything we've made we're humbled, but please make sure that it can't be interpreted as being official. Do not make commercial use of anything we've made unless specifically authorized by us in our brand and assets usage guidelines (which you should read as each of these policies form part of these Terms of Use).
+## What You Can Do
+If you've bought the game, you may play around with it and modify it. We'd appreciate it if you didn't use this for griefing, though, and remember not to distribute the changed versions of our software. Basically, mods (or plugins, or tools) are cool (you can distribute those), hacked versions of the Minecraft client or server are not (you can't distribute those).
+Any tools you write for the game from scratch belongs to you. Other than commercial use (unless specifically authorized by us in our brand and assets usage guidelines - for instance you are allowed to put ads on your YouTube videos containing Minecraft footage), you're free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the game, but don't just rip art resources and pass them around, that's no fun. Plugins for the game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them, as long as you don't sell them for money. We reserve the final say regarding what constitutes a tool/plugin and what doesn't.
+## Other
+We reserve the right to change this agreement at any time with or without notice, with immediate and/or retroactive effect.
+Any suggestions made are assumed to be offered for free unless otherwise agreed before the suggestion was made. We're not going to put up a huge EULA. We're trying to be open and honest, and we hope people treat us the same way back.
+If there's anything legal you're wondering about that isn't answered from this page, don't do it and ask us about it. Basically, don't be ridiculous and we won't.
+/ Markus Persson and friends
+## Privacy Policy
+When you purchase a game from us, you fill in your personal/company details. You agree that we store and use your information in our organization to complete the agreement towards you. You have the right, according to the law Personuppgiftslagen (PUL) in Sweden to know about the information registered about you. If it is wrong, insufficient or irrelevant you have the right to make sure that it gets corrected or removed.
+## Company Information
+Mojang AB
+Maria Skolgata 83
+118 53, Stockholm
+Organization number: 556819-2388
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+# Maintainer: Christophe Robin <>
+pkgdesc="Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons. Or something like that..."
+depends=('java-runtime' 'xorg-server-utils' 'openal')
+ minecraft.desktop minecraft.png minecraft.install LICENSE)
+ '85273e24404cc6865805f951487b8a1e'
+ 'dad9b69540dac246ced70b98f07e8e08'
+ 'b2c25797bf513a5ee215dd90b4b828e3'
+ '30f8fd3deb598757bb21bac3c1c55110'
+ 'b82eddf7100b63e2fc52e53028327589')
+package() {
+ cd "$srcdir"
+ install -D -m755 "${srcdir}/minecraft" "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/minecraft"
+ install -D -m644 "${srcdir}/Minecraft.jar" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/minecraft/Minecraft.jar"
+ # Desktop launcher with icon
+ install -D -m644 "${srcdir}/minecraft.desktop" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/applications/minecraft.desktop"
+ install -D -m644 "${srcdir}/minecraft.png" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/pixmaps/minecraft.png"
+ # License
+ install -D -m644 "${srcdir}/LICENSE" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/minecraft/LICENSE"
+# vim:set ts=4 sw=4 et:
diff --git a/minecraft b/minecraft
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@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
+# fix for users of special IM modules
+exec java -jar /usr/share/minecraft/Minecraft.jar $@ >/dev/null
diff --git a/minecraft.desktop b/minecraft.desktop
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+[Desktop Entry]
+Comment=A game about placing blocks while running from skeletons.
diff --git a/minecraft.install b/minecraft.install
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@@ -0,0 +1,17 @@
+# This is a default template for a post-install scriptlet.
+# Uncomment only required functions and remove any functions
+# you don't need (and this header).
+## arg 1: the new package version
+post_install() {
+ echo ">>> PACKAGES NOTES"
+ echo ">>> --------------"
+ echo ">>> This is the full version of the game, you need a valid account to play it."
+ echo ">>> To create an account, connect to and buy the full"
+ echo ">>> game for 19.95€. You should then be able to log in and play."
+ echo ">>> --------------"
+ echo ">>> The game will auto update and store the updated binary and game configuration"
+ echo ">>> in ~/.minecraft"
+# vim:set ts=2 sw=2 et:
diff --git a/minecraft.png b/minecraft.png
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index 00000000000..f6ad2f285f5
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+++ b/minecraft.png
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