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+# PKGBUILD for rxvt-unicode with support for displaying wide glyphs
+This PKGBUILD builds urxvt-unicode with the patch from
+ to display
+glyhps that are too wide instead of a square.
+urxvt considers the font to be broken, e.g. if the glyph is wider than the
+number of cells that `wcwidth(3)` reports. This gets better with Unicode 9
+(since e.g. more characters are assigned a width of 2), but it does not help
+with characters from the Private Use Area (e.g. Font Awesome).
+I am coming back to this approach after
+ turned out to be too fragile:
+1. the method of using a socket for communication fails for remote
+ applications, and already when re-attaching to a tmux session after closing
+ the terminal it was started from (where the terminal cannot respond to
+ requests on the socket then anymore).
+2. using OSC terminal escape sequences also does not work with tmux (server),
+ and other applications that have no tty attached.