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# xe-guest-utilities-git
-### Purpose
+## Purpose
xe-guest-utilities is an add-on package for the [Xen]( and [xcp-ng]( hypervisors. As per [documentation]( these tools:
- Report extra VM info (that only the Operating system can know, not your underlying hypervisor), like VM IP address, kernel version etc.
- Communicate with the OS in case of quiesce snapshots (Windows and its VSS)
- Allow sending signals to the OS (clean reboot, hotplug hardware etc.)
This package provides a service file which can be activated/enabled by systemd to provide these features to your VM running with Xen/xcp-ng.
-### Source Code
+## Source Code
xe-guest-utilities pulls its sourcecode from the [Xenserver]( github repository. The source code requires a [Go development environment]( in order to successfully compile the code. This script should automatically download the go-pie package, compile and install the script.
-### Installation
+## Installation
The PKGBUILD file is hosted on [github]( and listed in the [AUR]( The package file can be installed via:
- Manual Installation - Download PKGBUILD, `makepkg -si` -- [Instructions for Manual Installation of PKGBUILD files](
- Automated Installation - Through use of AUR Helper Utilities(yay, trizen, pacaur, etc) [AUR Helper List](
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ The following files are installed by the package: (Listed here in case manual re
- /usr/bin/xenstore-write
-### Activation
+## Activation
Once xe-guest-utilities-git is installed, the service can be started (as root):
systemctl start xe-guest-utilities.service
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ The service can be enabled so it will start on subsequent boots:
systemctl enable xe-guest-utilities.service
+### References: