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+# Preserving your game configuration
+To preserve your game config you need to copy `/usr/share/games/simutrans/config/` to `~/.config/simutrans/`. Otherwise, the original file will be **overwrited** with every update.
+Additionally, you can also add non-pakset files (fonts, music, etc) in `~/.config/simutrans`
+# Adding files in the user data directory (~/.local/share/simutrans)
+Files in this directory are symlinked from `/usr/share/games/simutrans` (shared Simutrans Standard installation)
+This means that paksets installed system-wide for Simutrans Standard are available here.
+Adding paksets to this directory is the only way for non-root users to add paksets. You can also add non-pakset files (fonts, music, etc).
+Symlinked files are updated everytime you open the game, so:
+1. Don't worry about deleting symlinks by accident.
+2. New paksets installed will be picked up automatically.
+But please **don't replace symlinked files in this directory**. You will lose your replaced files when you open Simutrans! Instead, if you want, for example, to install another version of "pak64" rename it to "pak64-myversion".