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+Aleph One's GNU Public License doesn't apply to this scenario.
+All media used on this project is property of Bungie Studios
+and any modification and/or commercial distribution of it is
+strictly prohibited without the proper permission of Bungie Studios.
+You may use Bungie's copyrighted media for your private use only.
+Under no circumstances any member of the M1A1 project will be
+responsible for the misuse of the aforementioned media as they
+don't held any ownership over it. Any permission, written or verbally,
+granted by any members of the M1A1 project for modification and/or
+commercial distribution of any part of this scenario is illegal.
+Copyright 1997 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
+Created with Bungie's Forge and/or Anvil by the M1A1 team,