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Updated version (2.65.56.g74fd486 -> 2.65.60.g58026ed).
Changelog ========= Merge branch 'master' of (58026ed) merged (d63fd38) Merge pull request #36 from jgmbenoit/debian/2.65+ds-2/security/CVE-2016-1238/local_load/explicit (8898005) explicit local load in the perl test module (ee4e7b1) lib/biblatex fixed (74fd486) fixed (1efa953) null fixed (8221dce) formatting improved (36937c5) ERROR RECOGNITION IMPROVED (0609068) rec_type introduced (36a8e8d) preparation for memory management (b3b99a4) get_key_name() renamed to get_key() (2c10f2b) documentation improved (4c42bc1) documentation improved (d07d3b5) bibtool_year declared (4a77d0a) inclusion improved (f038497) formatting improved (dfdee01) more cases for bool (bf57c52) documentation improved (0b673c3) dependencies streamlined (10611f7) Formatting and documentation improved (a2d6998) visibility for documentation reduced (785eaba) Merge branch 'master' of (57d5e42) visibility reduced to the needed (9b87411) version updated (f18990f) minor fix (56c1a48) formatting fixed (a3a83d3) revision and copyright fixed (92fbd6f) revision and copyright fixed (be714bc) autoconf added (fca5688) refactoring to introduce the type bool from C99 (a6fcc83) simplified (baecdfa) s_parse.h simplified (478c82d) s_parse.h simplified (0ada9c4) Signature of SParseSkip simplified (81bf44d) test cases added (9645c64) documentation improved (4e53959) sanity check added (7218176) fixed (66206fa) keep.fiel documented (02b45b2) documentation fixed (7ca306d) Merge branch 'master' of (e7e9174) libraries added (48c297e) libraries added (86ed39c) keep.field * implemented (ccad5b5) tests added (4b3b693) typos fixed (e30f5a5) resource keep.field added (5a2c1b7) formatting fixed (f853a06) free_sym_array added (ea8ccf8) using size_t instead of int (f459080) simplifications (3d1c909) memory management improved (e181b97) code simplified (078638f) documentation improved (09aae6d) symbol table simplified (c2525ce) refactorings to simplify the memory management (dacf834) refactoring: Symbol introduced (e73e668) date fixed (2a94bb4) fixed (5b8212e)
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# Maintainer: Stefan Husmann <>
pkgdesc="Command line manipulation of BibTeX files - from git-repo"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')