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upgpkg: nodejs-brunch 2.5.0-1
upstream release Brunch 2.5.0 (Mar 16, 2016) * Improved NPM support: * Added support for scoped npm packages, like @cycle/dom. * Brunch will now try to npm install if you try to require a package that is present in package.json but was not installed. * optionalDependencies are now correctly ignored when not present. * peerDepdenencides are treated as required ones. * Improperly-cased requires (like React instead of react) will now throw compile errors. * Fixed npm mail file resolving which was not working before in some cases (rx). * Support for file extensions: * Brunch will now register CommonJS modules using full names of the files, and create aliases without extensions to allow you to use both styles of requires. * Basically these cases are possible & different now: require('file.json') and require('file.js') * Parallel builds: Bringing up to 50% performance improvement with just one simple flag. * You can use the -j 2 / 4 flag with build / watch to parallelize CPU-bould tasks in your build. See docs/ for more details. * React hot load support: * Bumped commonjs-require-definition to allow resetting modules, which can be used for live JS reloading with the updated auto-reload-brunch * Improved output for JavaScript files. * Allow to specify again conventions.vendor as an anymatch set.
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pkgdesc="A lightweight approach to building HTML5 applications with emphasis on elegance and simplicity."
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package() {