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Changelog ========= Merge pull request #370 from impaktor/more-documentation-fixes-3 (11dd5fb) Documentation: use the royal we, you know, the edditorial,... (111d836) Documentation: fix typos in manual (fcc95e0) Documetnation: Capitalize new sentences (ac76c95) Documentation fix: avoid 'hook hook-variable' constructs (dc3cf66) Documentation fix: Avoid starting sentence with t (ec2781b) Make RUN-OR-RAISE just use FOCUS-ALL (b6af515) Adding float functions to make interacting with mixed float groups easier (a6d77b9) Fixing #356 (0f9daed) Merge pull request #369 from tpine/remove-clisp-window-urgency-workaround (5bda99a) Merge pull request #368 from stumpwm/floating-cursor-current-head (2698bb1) window-urgent-p: Remove clisp flags workaround (f37397b) Use FBOUNDP when defining the :FUNCTION StumpWM Type (16b2810) Use if-let in group-current-head for tiling group (0196710) Find current head from pointer in floating group (788bf3c) Documentation should answer, not ask. (cb1ecc9) Documentation fix: yes != yet (77d3f45) Documentation fix: stumpwm is not ratpoison anymore (82810ed) Documentation update: ESC and C-g seems to work for aborting interactive resize (4fe4154) Documentation typo fix: prefix reference by 'See' (1565038) Documentation typo fix: Capitalize new sentences (a67ddab) Documentation typo fix (5af828f) Fix group-current-head for the tiling group (058dafe) Merge pull request #367 from tpine/remove-clisp-window-urgency-workaround (40ba7d7) Merge pull request #366 from tpine/add-missing-declare-ignore-menu-item-regex (d139058) Remove clisp window urgency flags workaround (2333560) MENU-ITEM-MATCHES-REGEXP: Add missing (declare (ignore item-object)) (4f3684d) ADD-FLOAT-WINDOW: Remove incorrect ignore declaration (1d8c614) Manual: Warn when command name is not found (59f238f) Fix failure when generating documentation (f6e2146) in Manual: Typeset example as example (0cb2b2a) Add missing commands to documentation. (11eb3c1) Disable line-breaks in command lambda list. (16e0ec5) fix typos (69269d8) Remove repeated key-entry in manual (f6c39dc) Fix wrong typeface in manual (09ffa7a) Ignore texi auxiliary files (aca1ddf) Fix grammar in manual (e9937f3) Use package name XINERAMA instead of XLIB/XINERAMA (ce8a2c6) Only set SBCL_HOME if it was set at build time (b740b04) Fix call to STRING-DOWNCASE in LOAD-MODULE (c2ad28d) Remove conditionals for non sbcl common lisp implementations (#351) (3d21db8) Merge pull request #354 from tpine/load-module-allow-keys (bf2ab10) Merge pull request #353 from caioaao/tiling-fns (8145af2) Update module.lisp (0a1574c) Merge branch 'master' into tiling-fns (39fb0c7) Allows keys to be used when loading modules (b277006) Remove mention of xdpyinfo from README (02216e3) Use CLX's Xinerama extesion to query screen heads (3db3d3d) Merge pull request #352 from tpine/remove-non-sbcl-references (64dba9d) Remove unneeded progn (0eea6f2) Update AUTHORS (16b4534) Fix integer comparison (f6b9177) Update authors list (164c7c1) Add more split functions (6a57396) Remove clx-xembed from README as it is not a dependency (75240b8) List dependencies correctly (f8ff836) Remove non sbcl lisp implementation references from README (381255b) Number-heads should return the list of heads. (cc5ba9e) NUMBER-HEADS: Restore loop implementation (a2d83c2) Merge pull request #344 from stumpwm/xrandr-screen-heads (ed90a83) Refactor make-screen-heads (5e05efc) Properly add external mode lines onto *mode-lines* (7d63123) Properly update group-current-window from no-focus (3634c9a) Fix pixmap workaround for events without a window (a71fda5) Merge pull request #338 from stumpwm/revert-333-fix-sbcl-home (2368dc8) Revert "Remove un-needed SBCL_HOME reference" (b615e14) Merge pull request #336 from tpine/set-shell (ef2af35) Merge pull request #335 from zvbuhl/fix-group-crash (6c1b616) Merge pull request #333 from zvbuhl/fix-sbcl-home (baa7a43) Merge pull request #331 from spelufo/patch-1 (1876b3d) Changed to cleaner version suggested by Javier Olaechea <>. Setting *shell-program* now effects both the prompt and the shell program used. Warnings about not using prompt for both branches are also suppressed. (983e000) Change define-stumpwm-type :shell to allow the setting of the shell which the user wishes to run. This is done by the addition of the variable *shell-to-use*. When *shell-to-use* is nil the default "/bin/sh -c" is used otherwise the value of *shell-to-use* is used. (47f54e5) Don't ignore events on drawables (9061ec2) Only try to handle events with XLIB:WINDOW windows (9a4779f) Remove un-needed SBCL_HOME reference (1e878cb) Fix vim like bindings left/right swap (6267247) Merge pull request #329 from alezost/focus-last-frame (e6dde22) Simplify 'focus-last-frame' (5160775) Merge pull request #316 from dmh43/DH-always-show (183d8e2) Merge branch 'master' into DH-always-show (5f54d5c) Merge pull request #302 from dmh43/DH-always-on-top (654dcdc) Merge pull request #324 from stumpwm/current-window-cleanup (be450a5) Merge pull request #323 from dmh43/master (ff94372) Use GROUP-FOCUS-WINDOW to focus floating windows (5e5dddb) Add current window tracking for groups (82859b2) remove floating-group package (a137d77) Merge pull request #298 from dmh43/DH-floating-tile-mix (d20f24e) Merge pull request #321 from PuercoPop/remove-make-xlib-window (2ea2e5b) Merge pull request #318 from PuercoPop/wrappers-make-window (86261cd) Merge branch 'master' into wrappers-make-window (6f84f2a) Merge pull request #319 from PuercoPop/wrappers-cleanup (2924527) Remove MAKE-XLIB-WINDOW (29eeb1f) Merge pull request #317 from PuercoPop/debug-stream (3860c65) PROGRAMS-IN-PATH: Correct Indentation (c23fa28) Remove directory-no-deref (56dd5c1) Remove CLISP hack to determine Unix flavor (145433a) Make RUN-PROG, PATHNAME-IS-EXECUTABLE-P and PRINT-BACKTRACE SBCL specific (18eb390) Remove PORTABLE-FILE-WRITE-DATE (2b8ada1) Make GETENV SBCL specific (692603b) Remove ARGV (15ae756) Make OPEN-PIPE SBCL specific (1d611ba) Remove MAKE-LOCK (7f6214b) Remove WITH-LOCK-HELD (057d8b2) Move MAKE-XLIB-WINDOW out wrappers.lisp (e8ae004) Use SYNONYM-STREAM for *DEBUG-STREAM* (7dfe41c) use around method (c11b96b) Merge pull request #315 from PuercoPop/interactive-keymaps-docstrings (673e3bd) Merge pull request #314 from PuercoPop/alexandria-for-contribs (d42aaab) add support for creating new groups (394db3e) Merge branch 'DH-floating-tile-mix' into DH-always-show (9ccfa60) call next method when available for general method (9898e52) Merge branch 'DH-floating-tile-mix' into DH-always-show (b3089b4) revert deletion of general group-button-press for float-group (0be9584) window-group is always current-group for always show windows (d49664a) Revert "unneccessary to focus window group" (e104466) unneccessary to focus window group (ee125e7) always show float windows (9a3f5ee) simple always show window (e08a18f) Merge branch 'master' into DH-floating-tile-mix (846ec3c) DEFINE-INTERACTIVE-KEYMAP: Add support for docstrings (afc8d7f) Merge pull request #306 from caioaao/interactive-command (61fde34) Interactive keymap implementation (4b1d1e1) Merge pull request #313 from simias/readme (4dc1c8e) Do not export FLATTEN symbol (b2382fa) Add quicklisp alexandria install instructions to README (589dda2) Attempted fix of #261 (d70c5fa) Merge pull request #312 from PuercoPop/travis-remove-implementations (57bd282) Merge pull request #303 from PuercoPop/add-group (6753958) Merge pull request #309 from PuercoPop/alexandria (48eb247) Merge pull request #311 from PuercoPop/enter-notify (37810fa) Merge pull request #310 from PuercoPop/remove-cmucl (8cb9cb9) We only have to test on SBCL now (0c04b13) Include ALEXANDRIA in Travis-CI build (145156b) :ENTER-NOTIFY, Bind variables when introduced (fce0e5e) Stumpwm.asd: Remove hack for CMUCL (4f0e153) group.lisp: Use WHEN-LET to simplify code (567dad8) Use PARSE-BODY in DEFINE-STUMP-EVENT-HANDLER (2e905cf) Simplify STUMPWM-TYPE :FRAME implementation (247773e) Make DEFCOMMAND handle declarations (2221a1e) Add ALEXANDRIA as a dependency (08a38d9) Merge pull request #307 from PuercoPop/fix-old-sbcl (4e7e965) Don't assume ASDF:SYSTEM-DEPENDS-ON exists (95a027f) Refactor ADD-GROUP (e90b3cb) add float and unfloat commands (cb2a098) remove duplicated code (bc9596a) add support for keeping a floating window always on top (9765315) cleanup code orginization slightly (4e867ef) add support for merging float windows into tile groups (d10d41b) add support for floating windows in tile groups (8fceaac)
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pkgdesc="A tiling, keyboard-driven window manager written in common lisp"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')