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Updated version (1.0.1.rc.28.g29a4b88 -> 1.0.1.rc.29.g2d28580).
Changelog ========= Add support for multi-lines prompt. (2d28580) Remove reference to stumpwm-idle-timer-channel (29a4b88) create wrapper for getting decoded system time (594a925) Fixing #383 (f4c5484) Merge pull request #406 from juki-pub/arg-pop (27f228f) Update documentation to explain changes to ARGUMENT-POP (9ff2d99) Merge pull request #404 from juki-pub/master (aa8f956) Make sure the index stays within bounds (c284a28) Allow double quotes as string delimiters for command arguments (5cb3299) Set the input window height in SETUP-INPUT-WINDOW (0876492) Use vertical padding for input prompts (6ad3974) Allow changing the vertical padding of message windows (27d6e4a) Fix background highlight position (adf0b9b) Fixed documentation for *new-window-preferred-frame* (cbf39b8) Add the visual-pull-from-windowlist command. (8441235) Merge pull request #402 from steinuil/master (b888d65) fix error when XDG_CONFIG_HOME doesn't end with / (36e23d1) Add new head hook (feb2505) Add a selection hook in select-from-menu. (4fd7d0f) Restoring sbcl make rules and removing old release and upload-release targets (88c4e90) Bumping version from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 (95933b2) Merge branch 'master' of (e2b55cc) Purging multiple lisp boiler plate (d6e2fd2) Merge branch 'master' of (eb04f69) Adding missing timers file that broke the build :( (48a872e) Merge pull request #389 from stumpwm/maybe-map-window-if (bd223df) Moved timer code to its own file and added idle-time function for hooking in screensavers (89ff4d8) Merge branch 'master' into idle-timer-wip (0f66b19) WIP of idle timers (b224cf4)
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pkgdesc="A tiling, keyboard-driven window manager written in common lisp"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')