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+Terms Of Use
+My fonts are free for PERSONAL use only. For any commercial use (anything you make money from), you must send a paypal donation.
+Please see below for affordable packages.
+Important Notes
+ I don’t charge extra for additional styles. For example- Love & Trust font has both regular and hearted versions.
+ They get counted as one font when donating for commercial use.
+ A user is the amount of people in your business (company, project, etc.) that are accessing the font file itself.
+ You do not need a paypal account to donate. You only need a credit or debit card to donate through paypal.
+ Your paypal receipt is your license. However, if you need me to send you an invoice or some other form of a license, please let me know.
+Font Packages
+ For an individual or small businesses (under 10 users): $5 per font
+ For businesses of 10 users or more: $10 per font
+ For charity or non-profit use: My fonts are free for you, but donations and/or credit is greatly appreciated (not required though). Thanks!
+ All Misti’s Fonts (plus any I make in the future): $300
+ This price applies for an individual or businesses of any size.
+ Note: if you have previously donated for commercial use, and would like to upgrade to this package, then
+ just deduct what you have already paid from this amount.
+Other Uses
+Apps, webfonts, embroidery fonts, or redistribution for profit: Contact me
+Additional Terms Of Use
+ You MAY NOT sell my fonts or claim them as your own.
+ You MAY NOT edit or rename my fonts with intent to redistribute or sell them.
+ You MAY redistribute my fonts if:
+ 1. You credit me (Misti’s Fonts or Misti Hammers).
+ 2. Keep the READ ME file intact within the zip folder.
+ 3. Provide a link back to this website (
+Note: These terms of use were updated on 08/30/2014.
+Terms of use are frequently updated as needed. Thanks for understanding!
+Contact me if you have any questions.