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# Changelog
+## v0.28.0
+*Oct 27, 2021*
+- Share items (#446). Allows to create shares, public cryptic links,
+ to a subset of your documents that can be shared with other people
+ (who don't need an account). It is possible to search inside the
+ shared subset. Shares have a lifetime and can be password protected.
+- Support encrypted PDFs (#1074). When importing PDF files, the
+ protection layer (usually for signed PDFs) is being removed in order
+ to process it. The config file and collective settings can now
+ define a list of passwords that are being used when trying to
+ decrypt encrypted PDFs.
+- Use environment variables to configure Docspell instead of a config
+ file (#1121). This is mainly intended when running via docker or
+ other similar tools. Note that settings that accept list as its
+ values are not yet supported.
+- Try to detect the best way to render PDFs (#1099). Mobile browsers
+ need a fallback for rendering PDFs, but desktop browsers can do it
+ much better natively. The user settings allow to decide how to
+ render a PDF or to let docspell detect it.
+- Filter possible values in search menu based on current results
+ (#856). This removes options that would only yield empty results
+ from the dropdowns.
+- Fix search in documenation (#1120)
+### Rest API Changes
+- `/share/*` routes to access a share
+- `/open/share/verify` routes to verify a share id
+- `/sec/share/*` routes to manage shares
+- extend `SearchStats` to include correspondents/concerning numbers
+### Configuration Changes
+- restserver: changed the server secret from the (dummy) value
+ `hex:caffee` to an empty string. This results in a random secret
+ generated at application start. It is recommended to set it to some
+ random value, otherwise sessions don't survive server restarts.
+- joex: adds a section `decrypt-pdf` for specifying a list of
+ passwords to try when encountering encrypted PDFs
## v0.27.0
*Sep 23, 2021*
@@ -589,7 +632,7 @@ Please open an issue if want more languages to be included.
- The result summary is now also used to update the tag counts in
the search menu according to the current results.
- Feature: password reset (#376,
- [docs](
+ [docs](
- Adds a new route for admins to reset the password of a user
- Admin users are those with access to the config file, the endpoint
requires to supply a secret from the config file.
@@ -1106,9 +1149,8 @@ improvements for processing files.
[OCRMyPdf]( tool that can be
used in docspell since the last release. This task converts all your
existing PDFs into a PDF/A type pdf including the OCR-ed text layer.
- There is no UI to trigger this task, but a
- [script]( is
- provided to help with it. (#206)
+ There is no UI to trigger this task, but a script is provided to
+ help with it. (#206)
- There is now an [Android Client
App]( to conveniently
upload files from your android devices